How to protect a child from computer addiction: advice from a psychologist

How to protect a child from computer addiction: advice from a psychologist

Parents often have conflicts with their children due to computer games, especially in quarantine, when the child has a lot of free time. Therefore, psychologist Natalia Kholodenko gave some advice to parents on how to protect their children from gambling addiction.

The “life” of a child in the Internet world is one of the first and most global problems of the 21st century, Natalia Kholodenko told Segodnya.

“I’ve worked with teenagers addicted to computer games many times and I know that the worst thing is that they are indifferent to people. It doesn’t matter to them – mom, dad, friend, they don’t need anyone. everything is in the computer, “says Kholodenko.

The psychologist shifts the responsibility for this to the parents because they must pay active attention to the child and find time to play with her. In addition, she advises preparing for this problem in advance, at an early age to limit children.

Natalia Kholodenko is convinced that a child should be brought up by his own example. Therefore, if mom or dad scolds the child for the fact that he is constantly sitting on the phone or tablet, and they do the same, nothing will happen.

“It is very important for children whether parents follow what they teach their children. If a father smokes, it is strange to tell a teenager that smoking is harmful. Everyone must overcome their weaknesses in order to form the child’s personality,” Kholodenko said.

And practicing psychologist Alyona Golovina has identified her own advice for parents on how to protect children from computer addiction, writes Shpalta.

Own example

Educate not by what you say, but by how you live and what you show your child. If possible, put aside your gadgets and remember what else you enjoy. It is useful to arrange preventive evenings of silence and conversations, fairy tales and family stories, or to get involved in some hobby.

Worry about your mental energy level

Each of us has a so-called “container of mental energy.” Good experiences and impressions fill the container, bad – devastating. Seeing an exhausted adult, a child has no choice but to hide in virtual worlds. To replenish your energy resources.

Create a warm and safe space

Protect, develop talents and support the individual interests of your children. Take an interest in your baby’s hobbies, share their views and help in everything and see that you will grow up a happy child.

Create family rules and responsibilities

Rituals, holidays, rules, and responsibilities created together can make family life much easier and better. Spend more time with children.

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