How to raise a more confident child: 12 tips from a psychologist

How to raise a more confident child: 12 tips from a psychologist

Sometimes we do not have the confidence to dare to make drastic changes, to make a difficult decision.

And all because since childhood we are afraid of failure and the possibility of disappointing someone. So, if you want your children not to face this, read the advice from psychologist Karl Picart on how to raise a confident child.

Self-confidence is one of the best gifts a parent can give their child.

Carl Picard, a psychologist, and author of 15 books for parents believe that a child who does not feel trusted by parents will be reluctant to try something new because he will be afraid of failures and opportunities to disappoint others. And as a result, it can negatively affect her future life. Therefore, the work of parents is to encourage and support the child, because she has to solve difficult problems.

So, if you want to raise a more confident child, read 12 tips from Carl Picart.

1. Appreciate your child’s efforts, whether they succeed or not
As you grow older, the process itself is important, not the destination. So, as Carl Picart advises, if your child scores a goal in the opponent’s goal, or he will roll out of the field – applaud her, expressing your admiration.

Children should never be embarrassed about trying to do something.

2. Encourage your child to practice something new
Encourage your child to do what interests him or her, but try not to put pressure on him or her. According to the genius pianist Harmony Shu, she started practicing when she was 3 years old. However, regular classes gave them confidence that over time she will do much better.

3. Allow the child to solve problems on their own
If you do all the hard work for your child, he or she will never develop the ability and confidence that he or she can solve problems on his or her own. Excessive parental help can hinder the development of self-confidence, as it begins with finding out everything on their own

4. Allow the child to do as his or her age allows
Don’t expect your child to do things the way an adult should. The idea that good is just the way parents do can stop them from trying to do things their own way. The desire to meet expectations that do not meet the age of the child can reduce self-confidence

5. Encourage curiosity
Sometimes you can get tired of answering a child’s endless questions, but his desire to know everything only needs to increase. Paul Harris of Harvard University said that asking questions is a useful exercise for a child’s development because it means that he understands the existence of things he knows nothing about. When children start going to school, those whose parents have encouraged them to learn something new are more receptive to information than other classmates. In other words, they know how to learn better and faster.

6. Do not create easy ways for the child and do not make exceptions
According to psychologist Picart, such actions on the part of parents will never promote the development of self-confidence.

7. Do not criticize the child
Nothing will do more harm to a child’s self-esteem than criticism. Parents should not tell their children that they have done something wrong, but they should support and make suggestions. If your child is afraid of failing because he knows you will be angry or disappointed in him, he will never try to achieve anything. Often, parental criticism lowers self-esteem and understanding of one’s own importance

8. Think of mistakes as a chance to learn something
“If you learn from mistakes, you strengthen your self-confidence,” says the psychologist. But this can only happen when parents see mistakes as an opportunity to improve. Do not try to constantly protect your child from failure. Let her make a mistake to help her understand how to deal with this issue in a different way next time.

9. Be prepared for new challenges and challenges in the child’s life
For a child to be confident, parents need to show that no matter how scary and difficult the ordeal may seem, they will overcome it.

10. Teach your child what you know
Parents are always heroes for their children, at least until the latter has grown up. So use this power to teach your child what you know yourself – how to think, act and speak. Set a good example and be a role model. If a child sees how his parents succeed, he will be more confident in himself and in the fact that he can also achieve a lot.

11. Support the child when there is trouble in his life
Life is unfair, and sooner or later, every child will learn about it and feel it from their own experience. Therefore, when children face trouble, parents should support and remind them that failure can lead to failure.

12. Be an authority, but not too strict
When parents are too demanding or too strict, self-confidence is greatly reduced. Understanding that you can be punished for what you have done takes the child away from our actions again assert yourself.

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