How to raise happy children

How to raise happy children

At birth, the brain is the most underdeveloped organ of our body. Its full “maturation” will be completed only in about 20 years.

Any serious and prolonged negative effects, such as sudden and prolonged removal of the father, cause changes in the structure of the developing brain (enlargement of the tonsils). This can change a child’s ability to experience emotions. Such people can undermine their sense of security and trust in people, said psychotherapist Sergei Kistenyov.

For the baby, the characteristic dependence on parental care – is what ensures survival and development. Parents are needed to regulate the child’s temperature, provide food and protect against environmental threats. Calm and caring parents give the child a sense of security. Conversely, hyperopia, parental anxiety, and fear activate the contours in the baby’s brain that are responsible for dealing with stress, pain, and threats.

Numerous studies show that the presence of parents is more important for the well-being of a young child than the situation in the environment. If the parents are calm and caring, the child is able to withstand threats and negative influences. Remember: the whole world of a small child is a person who takes care of it! Parents should take care of the child and teach social skills. For example, children must be able to make informed choices, take responsibility for their actions. Children cannot be punished not only physically but also by “separation”.

What are the consequences of lack of care?

Deprivation of parental care (including behavior in the style of “cold mom” causes premature and rapid maturation in the brain of the connections responsible for handling stress and threats.

Such children, who for a long time are not able to “forget” to consider dangerous what they were afraid of before (darkness, assessments of other people), it is very difficult for them to get rid of fears. They just don’t know how to do it. Early loss of a parent or separation from him increases the likelihood of various psychiatric disorders: PTSD, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and addictions.

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