How to reduce the likelihood of overeating: useful tips

How to reduce the likelihood of overeating: useful tips

You can avoid overeating by following a few tips.

Excessive food consumption often causes the formation and accumulation of fat in various parts of the human body. The greatest danger is the fat deposits that accumulate on our internal organs, preventing, for example, the heart or liver, to fully perform their functions.

Overeating can be caused by various reasons: stress, lack of sleep (when the body tries to compensate for the lack of sleep with food), cravings for good food, problems with the endocrine system, and some others. In order to cope with food addiction, experts suggest three simple tips:

A small plate

Make sure the plate you are eating from is small in size. Also, make sure that the colors of the food and the plate are different – so you can visually divide the amount of food on the plate with its color, and you can not move.

Observance of proportions

Secondly, try to follow the following proportion: more than half of the plate should be vegetables and greens, and only a small part – meat with pasta.

Love for whole foods

Try to like whole foods. Agree that chewing a whole piece of meat or tomato will take you longer than, for example, a cutlet or tomato paste. This method will give a feeling of satiety, without overfilling the stomach with food.

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