How to remember names, dates and more

Here are some effective tips. Every person receives a huge amount of information.

She usually remembers the most important and necessary information easily, because she realizes that she will have to use it. But all the little things she misses her ears, do not emphasize them. Naturally, she forgets them. It seems that there is nothing terrible in this, but still, such forgetfulness often puts you in an awkward position, playing a bad joke with her. This can be avoided. The individual must be able to remember names, dates, and numbers, so as not to be in unpleasant situations. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

If names are forgotten

This often happens to many, it is not surprising. But this situation is easily corrected. A new acquaintance should be immediately associated with a famous person with the same name, or with his old friend, whose name is the same. In this case, studying the names of even several individuals at once will not be difficult.

If you forget the dates

This problem can also be solved. You should remember the events that are scheduled for a particular day, scroll the scenario in your head several times. This way you can fix the image of the event, meeting, or anniversary in your mind, and do not forget about the important day.

If you forget the topic of the conversation

A person can prepare for a meeting and can scroll in his head all the questions he wants to touch. But it doesn’t always help. At the most crucial moment, the necessary information can fly out of your head, as a result of which an important topic will not be raised. To avoid this, you should look at each piece of furniture, and think about a separate issue. Then in the process of conversation, leading a look around the room, it will be easier to remember what you need to talk about.

If you forget where the keys are

Or any other small object. This situation is the easiest to prevent. You just have to put what is often lost in the same place. Then you don’t have to look for the thing every time, you don’t have to try to remember where you had to put it.

If passwords are forgotten

For a modern person who has many accounts, this question is quite painful. She forgets passwords from time to time. In this case, you can try to put the same passwords everywhere or associate each of them with phrases that are familiar. In this case, going to any of your profiles will come out the first time. All these methods are simple but working. They should be used constantly, so as not to forget anything, so as not to get into awkward situations.

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