How to show a child that you love her

How to show a child that you love her

It is not necessary for parents to constantly pamper or give gifts to a child to feel warm and caring. It is better to show your boundless love every day.

After all, every dad and mom love their baby for no reason. So do not feel sorry for the baby warm words and hugs. Some children do not even think that their parents love them or do not notice it. That’s why First Things has published some tips to help your little ones show that you love her. There are many ways to show care and love to children. The main thing is to do it every day. Yes, the child will learn to show tenderness to parents and will grow confident.

How to show a child that you love her

Understand your child’s heart
Dr. Gary Chapman says that sometimes parents’ perception that they are in love with a toddler does not coincide with how their children “feel” love. Yes, adults can say many loving and warm words, but a child can actually feel loved, especially when parents spend time with her.

What can love mean for a child?

Love is the time spent with them (when children ask you to come and play with them).
Love is affirmative words and support (when a child asks if you think the picture she has drawn is beautiful or if you are proud of it.
Love is helping them (when they ask you for help with household chores or ask for advice).
Love is a physical connection (when children want to sit next to you and hug).
Love is gifts and symbols of affection (when a child likes to do something for you, for example, make a postcard or draw a picture for you, etc.
Spend time with them

“We can overcome ourselves by saying, for example, ‘I don’t spend much time with my children, but when I do, I do my best for them. Yes, it’s great to make a baby happy, but our children really need us to spend time with them.’ And there’s no substitute for that because, for children, love is a time together, “says Dr. Gary Chapman.

Create family traditions

Family traditions, rituals, and even a planned daily routine provide predictability, and this helps children feel safe. Because it is at such moments that children feel loved and can show happiness. Dinners with the whole family, games every Friday night, etc. show children that they love them.

Communicate more with children and listen to them

Your words play a big role and can affect your baby. Besides, not only what you say, but also how you say it. Yes, the angry phrase “Because I said it!” can be replaced by calm words: “That’s why it’s important.” Do not underestimate the power of your words, because it forms the child’s idea of ​​how you feel about her.

And always listen very carefully. After all, many children say that their parents talk to them, but not with them. You can’t make your child talk to you, but you can be present and create an atmosphere where the conversation will be pleasant for the child. Do not rush to say your own judgment or “read a lecture.”

Say “I love you”
Not just for birthdays or other holidays, but when children do not expect to hear these words. Yes, your child will understand that you really love him/her.

Other phrases that can be said instead of “I love you”:

• I believe in you.
• I am proud of you.
• I will always be there.
• I was wrong. I’m sorry. Forgive me, please.

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