How to sleep properly so that your beauty does not suffer

How to sleep properly so that your beauty does not suffer

It is believed that we spend an average of 22 years of life in a dream. During sleep, the body undergoes many processes that affect our health and beauty. Therefore, just sleeping 8 hours is not enough, you need to do it right. How exactly, we will tell you further.

Wrinkles of sleep

Imagine that all day you try not to frown, do special injections and expensive procedures to preserve the youth of the skin. But in a dream, we can not control facial expressions and facial position on the pillow. Yes, if you like to sleep on your side on a regular pillow, over time you will definitely have wrinkles and creases around the eyes. And this is logical – a third of life, the skin of the face, on the one hand, is broken and compressed every day.

How to sleep?

It is best, of course, to sleep on your back. Facial skin rests and does not come into contact with the pillow, creams, and serums are not absorbed into the pillowcase. But this pose is uncomfortable for the vast majority of us and we prefer to curl up in the position of the embryo.

There are 2 reasons for this:


The pose is too “open”, it becomes anxious, and it is difficult to fall asleep. A heavy blanket will help – thanks to the even distribution of pressure along the body, you relax and fall asleep faster. The effect of such blankets is proven!


When sleeping on your back on a regular pillow, your head falls to the side. The discs of the spine suffer from twisting, and there is tension in the neck. The body pushes itself to change posture. Special pillows-simulators for sleeping on the back are suitable here – the side rollers provide the head with reliable lateral support, carefully fix the posture during sleep, allow you to relax and fall asleep.

However, now it is not necessary to change sleep habits and learn to sleep on your back. You can switch to anti-age pillows with pronounced indentations on the edges. They help protect the delicate skin of the face from compression during sleep on the side and protect against the formation of sleep wrinkles and skin folds. Some are also able to continue sleeping on their backs: a special spherical recess in the center makes it a little difficult to turn back to the side.


The quality of the bedding directly affects how the skin looks in the morning. It is best to use only natural fabrics with a smooth texture: Tencel and silk.


Tencel is a material made of natural eucalyptus fiber. It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, allows the skin to breathe, and removes moisture. This fabric is perfect for hot summers so as not to wake up on a wet pillow.


Gentle natural silk contains fibroin (a useful protein that slows down the aging process) and helps the skin stay hydrated because it does not absorb the applied care products. The fabric is ideal not only for the skin but also for the hair – it is not confused or electrified. By the way, Asian women sleep on silk pillowcases so that their hair is polished and shiny.

Do not forget to replace the pillowcase in time every 2-3 days. Then the tissue will not have time to accumulate excess sebum, which often provokes rashes, allergic reactions, and acne on the face.

When to go to bed

Try to go to bed no later than 11 pm, if you can, at 10 o’clock. The fact is that at this point in the body begins the release of sleep hormone – melatonin, which helps to fall asleep quickly and sleep well. And this moment is undesirable to miss.

If you do not fall asleep at this time, the stress hormone – cortisol – comes into play. It reaches its peak at 2-3 o’clock at night and it is he who is responsible for our anxious thoughts. Have you noticed that at night all the problems seem much more serious, and in the morning, on the contrary, nothing looks so unsolvable? It’s all cortisol! That is why somnologists advise sleeping soundly at the time of active cortisol to relieve stress and depression.

How to choose a pillow

And, of course, it is very important to provide yourself with comfort – to buy good bed linen, choose an anatomical pillow and the most comfortable blanket in the world. You should want to go to bed just to relax and not fall into it without strength.


Pillows made of down and feathers can cause allergies because over time they multiply microscopic mites. In a few years, a normal pillow can increase in weight by a third if ticks live there. Sintepon pillows quickly lose their shape. Both do not provide sufficient support to the head and neck, do not have sufficient adaptive properties. It is optimal to sleep on a pillow with Memory Foam. This material adapts to the shape of the body, neck, and head under the influence of weight and temperature, providing comfortable sleep and relaxation. And in Memory Foam bacteria and ticks do not get.

Pillow shape

The anatomical products repeat the relief of the cervical region, allowing to maintain the neck in line with the spine in different sleeping positions.

Product height

Usually, people focus only on the length of the shoulder, which is not completely correct. It is important to consider both your clothing size and the mattress on which you sleep. The softer it is, the lower you “fail” and the higher the pillow seems – it will most likely be more comfortable on a lower product. A hard mattress, on the contrary, strongly “holds”, and the pillow wase seems lower. Therefore, a higher product is optimal.

Focus on the position of the neck

During sleep, the head should not lean to the chest and throwback, otherwise circular wrinkles of the neck are created and the skin is stretched. Some pillows have the ability to adjust the height of the product: with an additional inner layer.

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