How to stay always young: 10 tips from a Shaolin monk

How to stay always young: 10 tips from a Shaolin monk

Thoughts of a great guru on how to keep your health and youth.

What do we wish our relatives and friends, first of all? What do we consider the most important part of life? You may have guessed that it’s about health. But what do we usually do for our own health other than empty chatter? If you really decide to act, now is the best time! We offer you a translation of the article by the great master of martial arts and Shaolin monk Shifu Yang Lei. In it, he gives some advice for people who want to stay healthy and young as long as possible.

• Don’t think too much. Reflections take away energy and make you older.
• Don’t say much. People either do or talk. And it is better to be one of those who do.
• If your work takes a long time, do it for 40 minutes with 10-minute breaks. The prolonged concentration of vision on the same negatively affects your eyes and internal organs.
• When you are happy, control your feelings. Losing control of them will damage the energy of the lungs (wind energy or life wind).
• Don’t worry about the little things and get angry. It harms the liver and intestines.
• Don’t allow yourself to overeat. Always try to stay a little hungry. Overeating harms the spleen and other organs.
• Do not rush into your own affairs. Remember: whoever is in a hurry will make people laugh.
• If you do the only exercise and do not spend time relaxing and stretching, you will become irritable and lose yin energy, upsetting the balance of yin and yang.
• However, if you do not play sports and focus only on peace, meditation, and qigong, you risk losing Yang energy.
• Kung Fu gives you all kinds of energy. The purpose of the lessons is to find a balance between your yin and yang. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it. The main thing is to find what your body needs.
• Some of these tips are difficult to implement in our lives. For example, kung fu classes in our area have long since become an exclusively martial art, and at best one person in a thousand has heard about the energy of the lung.

But even so, most tips are relevant and can really help you improve your health and find balance in your life. Therefore, attempts to adhere to them will not be superfluous.

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