How to stop getting stressed: 5 simple tips

Emotional overeating is a common bad habit that you can try to overcome.

Many people have a bad habit of “eating” stress with food, which leads to stomach problems and weight gain. Postobi named several ways to combat emotional overeating.

Eat well and carefully

In order not to want to eat in between meals, these meals should be complete. Spend at least 20 minutes eating, eat slowly and thoughtfully. Focus on the taste of the food and chew it slowly.

Pamper yourself

Forget about strict diets and categorical prohibitions. The stricter your diet, the higher the chance of a nervous breakdown. Allow yourself to eat something small and tasty sometimes. If you really want sweet – eat candy or cookies after a meal. Such a small pleasure will not greatly affect the figure but will reduce the likelihood of breaking the cake in the middle of the night.

Prepare a light snack

If the brain urgently needs something to chew and you can not resist, then at least make this snack less caloric. Prepare sliced ​​apples, slices of tangerine, a couple of dried fruits, or a small glass of yogurt. In times of severe stress, take food from these supplies.

Distract yourself

Nervous overeating is associated only with emotions, not with real hunger. If you feel the urge to have a snack, try to distract yourself from another activity: a book, a movie, a walk, a hobby.

Hide the treats away

Remove from the eyes vases with candy and cookies, chocolates, and other delicacies. Hide them in more inaccessible places, such as in a tall closet, where you need to climb on a chair.

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