How to take care of tattoos in the summer by the sea

How to take care of tattoos in the summer by the sea

How to take care of tattoos in the summer? Here are many tips to not ruin the design we made on the skin.

How to take care of tattoos in the summer in the sun and by the sea

The sun is not always a friend of our skin. When we expose the body on the beach or in the pool, but in principle always, at least in the parts where the sun’s rays hit, we should always choose a suitable sunscreen, to avoid running into more or less serious health problems. Prevention and protection are the watchwords. Even if you decide to get a tattoo right in the hottest time of the year. How to take care of your tattoos in the summer and avoid frustrating what you suffered on the artist’s bed?

The best tattoo artists usually advise against giving in to the temptation of a new tattoo in the summer months. Because it is more difficult to follow those small rules that serve not to frustrate hours spent in their tattoo studio. The sun could make it fade, swimming in the sea and even sweat could ruin it and we may have to deal with procedures to ensure that it does not deteriorate which could lead us to believe that maybe we should have thought about it sooner, in the spring. Or postpone everything to September.

However, if your desire for the first tattoo or the umpteenth of a long series (remember, however, that tattoos must always be odd, according to a legend that has been around for decades), then do not lose heart and follow the advice that the experts of the sector damage to prevent the design on your skin from being ruined even before having shown it to the whole world. The rules are few, but clear. You just need to want to follow them. And be a little careful for a few days. The tattoo and even your trusted tattoo artist will thank you for this care.


The first piece of advice we feel we can give you is to strictly follow the instructions of your tattoo artist. The care for a tattoo is almost always the same, but everyone has theories about him. Let’s follow them since the work of art we carry imprinted on our body belongs to him.

Secondly, it is good to know that after having a tattoo it is absolutely forbidden to swim in the sea or sunbathe on the beach or in the pool for at least two weeks. So do not book an appointment for a new tattoo close to the start of the holidays.

Better to opt for small tattoos in the summer, not for long, exhausting sessions in the tattoo artist’s studio. Thanks to the heat, the sun, and the sweat, we could have problems even before the drawing is finished. Before going to the tattoo artist, remember to prepare the skin, perhaps with a scrub and a good moisturizer. And also remember to wax if it is an area of ​​the body where you need to remove some hair.

If you notice that there is something wrong with the balls (redness, swelling, excessive itching), ask your doctor for advice immediately: you may have an infection because perhaps you have not treated your tattoo well. We always use emollient and natural creams to treat the area, so the skin will be more elastic.

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