How to teach a child to drink plain water

How to teach a child to drink plain water

Children repeat the behavior of parents, so the main key to success in teaching a child to water – the example of an adult.

If a child regularly sees that his parents drink a glass of water in the morning, before going outside, at lunch, when returning home and at any convenient time, then one day he will definitely want to repeat it, said urologist Darina Chernyshova.

How to teach a child to water:

1. Beautiful cups. Some people like neprolivayki, drinking bowls with spouts, cups with tubes, bottles with nipples, and so on. The child may need to change a few cups to find the one from which water is interesting to drink. For older children, bright cups with favorite characters or sports bottles that can always be put in a backpack work well.

2. It is not necessary to add sugar, apple juice, jam to water that the child drank. But you can put a piece of lemon or orange, a sprig of mint or ginger. This will make the water more interesting to taste.

3. If a child refuses water, do not immediately offer her compote, juice, jelly, soda. If you want to drink, drink water. You don’t want water – you don’t want to drink.

4. We have a “tea cult” in the country, but not because we love tea, but because we like to eat with tea “something delicious”. Do not replace water with tea! If your baby wants tea (waiting for candy), then ask him to drink a glass of water beforehand.

5. Nobody likes to drink warm water. Try not to keep the water tank near the heaters in the sun. It is better to store water in a cool place and drink it more pleasant.

6. If the baby eats from a bottle, it is optimal to start drinking it from a spoon or a regular cup. The bottle is associated with a child with warm milk and find cold water in it will be an unpleasant surprise that can repel the desire to drink in the future.

Be patient! It is said that the habit is developed for 21 days and children are no exception. Keep offering and setting an example. Sooner or later the baby will learn.

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