How to understand that you are with the right person

How to understand that you are with the right person

Why do we lose love if we seek it so desperately? Why do incredible love stories end as a result? Is it possible to find your “right person” at all, with whom you will be good not only for the first few months?

And you only need to ask yourself the following three questions to understand whether you are the right person or you have no future. After all, it is better not to make mistakes and not to suffer from their consequences. The point is to find someone with whom you will be happy in many years (at least increase these chances), after the birth of children, after the children leave home, after many years of life.

1. Can you laugh and talk to each other about everything in the world?
Socialization is a human need. Without communication, there is no relationship. Who needs a long-term relationship without communication? Who can be in a relationship without hearing that he is understood, appreciated, loved?

But even one communication is not enough. We need to exchange ideas, have common values, learn from each other, actively show care and attention, support and help each other. And this is possible when you actively listen, ask questions, solve problems together. You still need to be able to laugh together. And not just when something funny happens. It is an inner mood and a positive.

2. Can you solve any serious problem just by talking?
Life always goes from extreme to extreme: from good to bad, from justice to injustice, from beautiful to terrible, and it all affects our condition and mood. And inside each of us, too, there is both good and bad. There is no relationship without conflict. And that’s okay if you handle it properly.

Conflicts can actually help you learn a lot about each other and start respecting each other more. If you solve them through communication. Those who can become stronger after the conflict solves problems together and increase the level of trust in each other.

3. Can you justify why you love this person?
When you answer, “Just because I feel that way,” it’s the chemical causes, your hormones. But what about the real reasons? These are your common values, understanding of the realities of character. After all, no one loves just for beautiful eyes. Love for the ability to be kind and compassionate, no matter what. Love for those qualities that will not change, unlike hormones.

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