Impossible Foods will launch artificial pork production for poor countries

Impossible Foods

In the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Impossible Foods will begin producing fake pork.

Meat is first served to Americans and Asians in restaurants, and then it is sold in supermarkets. CNBC has an article on it. Dennis Woodside, the company’s CEO, believes that artificial pork may outperform genuine pork not just in terms of price but also in terms of flavor. A blind test done in Hong Kong proves this.

Furthermore, soy is more beneficial than actual meat. It’s lower in calories, has a third less saturated fat, no cholesterol, and the same amount of protein as regular pork. Impossible Foods’ CEO says that, compared to cattle, artificial pig production needs far fewer resources: 81-85 percent less water and 66-82 percent less land. Furthermore, the product emits 73-77 percent fewer greenhouse emissions throughout the production process.

The business aspires to be a market leader in the manufacturing of veggie meat. It used to sell fake beef and soy chicken nuggets. Impossible Foods has revealed ambitions to go public with a market value of $ 10 billion next year. It has already secured $1.5 billion in funding from private investors who are enthusiastic about “test-tube meat.”

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