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In Scotland, put up for sale a Gothic castle for one pound

In Scotland, put up for sale a Gothic castle for one pound

But there are still no people willing to buy real estate. Kinloch Castle, located on the small island of Ram, was recently put up for sale for nothing.

However, there is only one prerequisite, which discourages everyone from buying a historic estate.
The whole problem is that the palace was built more than 120 years ago. During all this time, the historic site has never been restored. Repairing Kinloch will cost the new owner £ 20,000,000. The state does not have such a sum. The main condition is the complete restoration of the castle, without planned external changes.

The emergency building was once a favorite place for social gatherings. Inside is a unique instrument that mimics an entire orchestra. The restoration requires at least 50,000 pounds (1.8 million hryvnias) for the restoration. The current owner of the castle is looking for a candidate to buy Kinloch not only among the oligarchs. The company is ready to sell the estate to charitable foundations or private offices. Before processing the sale papers, the buyer must provide all documents confirming his high financial condition.

“The future owner of Kinloch must pursue only three goals: preserving the castle, ensuring the sustainable development of the local community, and improving the nature of Rama.”

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