In which countries are the most penalties for drivers?

In which countries are the most penalties for drivers?

There are countries where you can say goodbye to life for drunk driving, in others the size of the fines depends on how much the driver earns.

Let’s find out how different the fines for traffic violations differ in different countries of the world and where it is cheapest to drive at a red light.

Fines in Finland

• If you exceed the speed limit in Finland for more than 60 km / h, the minimum fine will be € 115. Here the amount of payments depends on your income;

• Drunk driving: more than 0.5, but less than 1.2 ppm – the driver will have to pay about 90 € and lose the rights for three months, more than 1.2 ppm – then the amount will increase to 360 € and there is a risk of getting into prison;

• If you do not mind 30-80 € (depending on the city and parking area), the parking rules do not have to follow;

• For an unfastened belt – 35 €;

• Went to the red? Pay a minimum of € 64.

As a rule, fines in Finland depend on the income of the driver who violated the traffic rules. Once a top manager of Nokia was charged € 116,000 for speeding, but he managed to prove that his income is much less, and was fined 6 thousand.

Millionaire Jussi Salonoya, speeding in Helsinki, got on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. The police issued a fine of € 170,000 and the appeal to the district court was reduced to € 100,000.

In 2009, another resident of Finland, Jari Sarasvuo, almost became impoverished by 150,000 euros, exceeding the speed limit of 99 km / h. And although after clarifying the amount of income Sarasvuo paid ten times less, € 15,000, he still lost his rights.

That’s why everyone in Finland drives very carefully.

Fines in the UK

• If you exceed the speed limit of more than 60 km / h, the fine will be at least £ 1,000;

• Drunk drivers (if they have a blood pressure <0.8 ppm) will be fined between £ 3,000 and £ 5,000 (provided they stop you for the first time);

• For incorrect parking – from £ 40;

• If you forget to buckle up, you can expect a fine of up to £ 500;

• Driving at a red light is also expensive – a fine of £ 1,800.

Fines in Ireland

• For speeding over 60 km / h a fine of 80 € will be issued;

• Drunk drivers (over 0.5 ppm) are fined up to € 5,000 and disqualified for a maximum of 3 years;
• For each passenger without a seat belt – a fine of 60 €;

• Went to the red, be prepared to pay 80 €.

Fines in Italy

• Speeding at speeds above 60 km / h carries a fine of € 779-3119;

• If the test shows 0.5-0.8 ppm of alcohol, pay between € 500 and € 2,000. If from 0.8 to 1.5 ppm of alcohol – then 800-3200 €, and if the state of intoxication is more serious – then 1500-6000 € and in addition to this for a year or two you will be deprived of rights;

• For parking in unauthorized places you need to prepare 19-75 €;

• Penalty for not using a seat belt – 80-320 €;

• Flight at a red light will be 150-600 €

Fines in Germany

• Everyone who travels faster than 60 km / h pays 400-480 €;

• If the test shows more than 0.5 ppm of alcohol in the driver, he will be fined 500-3000 €;

• Improper parking will cost 10-25 €;

• Unbuckled belt – 30 €;

• Driving at a stoplight – 90-360 €.

Fines in Canada

• Violation of the speed limit over 60 km / h is punishable by a fine of up to $ 10,000;

• Drunk driving in Canada is valued at at least $ 600;

• Violation of parking rules – a fine of $ 100;

• Pay up to $ 1,000 for not using seat belts;

• After driving on the red, you will lose $ 150.

Fines in China

China has a special system of penalty points. The driver is given 12 points a year, if by the end of the year he completely exhausts them, the rights are revoked for three months.

• Anyone speeding will be fined up to $ 320;

• Drunk drivers on Chinese roads are fined $ 80-320 if they have more than 0.5 ppm in their blood, and are detained for 15 days and disqualified for up to six months. If a drunk driver is involved in an accident in which someone dies, the death penalty is possible;

• The minimum cost of improper parking – $ 16;

• If seat belts are not used – a fine of $ 8;

• A fine of $ 30-32 will be issued for crossing the intersection at a red light and 6 penalty points will be awarded.

Fines in the United States

• Drivers are fined at least $ 500 here;

• Drunk drivers are fined $ 390-1,000 for alcohol intoxication if it exceeds 0.8 ppm (excluding court costs, which are three times higher). They can also be completely disqualified;

• If you park the car in an unauthorized place, the penalty will be $ 35;

• Not using a seat belt – $ 50;

• It will cost the same to travel at a red traffic light.

Fines in France

• In France, driving faster than 60 km / h is punishable by a fine of € 1,500;

• Drivers who are drunk under the influence of 0.5-0.8 ppm will be fined € 135. With a greater degree of intoxication, the fine will increase to 4,500 euros, and take away the rights for up to three years;

• Parking violations –

fine from 10 €;

• Went without a seat belt? Fine 135 €;

• Went to the red? Another 90 €.

Fines in Japan

• The Japanese charge from $ 800 for a very fast ride;

• Driving while intoxicated from 0.5 ppm – will have to say goodbye to $ 8,700.

• It is also unprofitable to violate parking rules, as you will pay $ 835.

• Those who do not wear a seat belt are fined $ 450 in Japan.

• And when leaving the intersection at a stoplight, the fine will be $ 417.

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