Influence of music on the human brain

Influence of music on the human brain

Virtually any researcher can determine your IQ level by asking you just what you are listening to.

Most young people spend all their free time in bars and clubs, and after a stormy night in the morning comes a headache, and usually, the influx of new forces is clearly not observed. Few people know that such types of music as rock and electronic psychologists refer to aggressive non-drug drugs that are narcotic. Here are some interesting facts.

Researchers at the University of California decided to conduct an experiment on 36 students who studied at the same university to find out how music affects the human brain. What was the essence of the experiment: first, students took a test to determine the level of IQ, and then make any changes. And then the students listened to Mozart’s sonata.

And what was the surprise when the re-test, conducted immediately after listening, showed an increase in mental development by 8-9 points. However, after 15-20 minutes, the indicators returned to their place. But scientists are not upset, but on the contrary, allowed to prove that it is calm music affects the increase in IQ. Moreover, it was also proved that with long-term and constant listening to such music a person can steadily rise intellectual growth.

Influence of music on the human brain

If you do not memorize lyrics or study well, you can try to listen to melodies before school or at home, the rhythm of which is about 60 beats per minute. It is after listening to such music that the ideal state for learning comes. Since the brain is not disturbed by any extraneous sounds and the body under such a rhythm is completely relaxed. I would also like to emphasize that after listening to baroque music, information is very well remembered and assimilated. Scientists did not ignore this music, they also conducted several experiments on students.

The essence of the experiment was that students had to memorize foreign words. Under baroque music, phrases were read in a foreign language with an interval of four seconds. It is worth noting that the rhythm of the music was 60 beats per minute. And as the results of the experiment showed, students memorized from 60 to 500 words of foreign words in just one day. The University of Iowa also conducted research that was related to the process of the brain and its influence on Baroque music. At the end of the study, it was clear that students’ speed of memorizing texts after listening increased by 27%, and the speed of learning increased by 23%.

Influence of music on the human brain

When we begin to feel tired or dull in the eyes, then at this time the electrical potential of our brain is very weakened. And brain cells, as well as batteries, must be constantly recharged. Listening to high-frequency sounds, approximately 5000-8000 Hz is one way to recharge. This theory was proved by a famous scientist Tomatis. When listening to high-frequency sounds, the cells of the inner ear are a kind of generator of the brain.

Thomas did a lot of research that was related to sounds. So, analyzing his many years of research, Tomatis realized that it is Mozart’s music, Gregorian chant, baroque music that combine the best number of sounds of the desired frequency range. By the way, heavy rock has the least number of such sounds. It is worth noting the main idea: Albert Einstein played the violin at the age of sixteen, and at the age of 14 he improvised on the piano. He has always been an avid violinist throughout his life. Most likely, it is the love of music that is the result of the mental features of Albert Einstein’s brain.

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