Information diet

Information diet

Information overload is the reality of today and all of us, in conditions of excess and often the uncontrolled flow of information, are negatively affected by this process.


• decreased ability to concentrate – “hang”
• memory impairment
• heaviness in the head, headache
• increase the number of errors
• reduced ability to highlight and form logical connections
•emotional exhaustion
• in that

An information diet is an objective need for psychological and physical health.


• eliminate multitasking – focus on one thing
• sleep hygiene (sufficient duration, quality, mode)
• a day without gadgets (once a week/month)
• time without gadgets before bed / during meals
• the time limit for viewing social networks
• breaks during work (not for viewing social networks, correspondence, or entertainment videos)
• weekend in nature
•short vacations out of town
• meditation
• increase physical activity/walks
• keeping a diary
• planning
• compiling to-do lists
• freewriting (mechanical recording of all thoughts arising in the head for a certain time).

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