Instructions that will help to conquer a man at the first acquaintance

It is believed that a person’s interest in a new personality in his circle is formed at the very beginning, from the first words. Experts in the field of relations told about how to interest a man from the first minutes of acquaintance.

Stand out and cling.

People who behave unusually are of interest. Do not ask stupid and banal questions, avoid clichés and despair. For example, extreme openness can be a great tool for generating strong interest. You can confess to a man in sympathy, compliment him, but do not show admiration.

Create a feminine image.

Your clothes should not be bold. Men love tight outfits, but deep necklines and short skirts are out of fashion. You need to get away from it if you want to win the attention of modern men. A feminine and neat image is the best way to attract attention.

Remember proper eye contact.

Many people have heard that you need to look a man in the eye, but here are some important points that can not be forgotten. The first contact should not last longer than three seconds. After that, you can look away. At the same time do not forget to smile sweetly and mysteriously.

Be happy and joyful.

Even if you have the appearance of a goddess, sadness, and sadness in your eyes will tell your husband that it is better not to meet you. Studies show that men often pay attention to women who broadcast kindness and smile. If you are in a bad mood, it is better to wait until it gets better. Only then can you go to meet someone you like.

Come on time.

The acquaintance should end as soon as possible, but not very quickly. Start a conversation, find out the name, exchange contacts, and then leave. Under no circumstances should uncomfortable silence be allowed.

All of the above will help any woman become more desirable in the eyes of the men she talks to.

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