Interesting facts about geniuses

Interesting facts about geniuses

-Salvador Dali often went to sleep with a key in his hand. Sitting on a chair, he fell asleep with a heavy key between his fingers. Gradually the grip weakened, and the key fell and hit the plate lying on the floor.

-Among the works of Mozart is an unusual duet for two violins. Musicians should stand face to face and put a page with notes between them. Each violin plays its part, but both parts are written on the same page. Violinists begin to read notes from different ends of the sheet, then occur in the middle and again move away from each other, and in general, it turns out a good melody.

-A born in 1898, the American William James Sidis could read the New York Times at the age of one and a half, knew eight languages ​​by the age of eight, and invented another on his own, and at the age of 11, he entered Harvard, where a year later he lectured with a four-dimensional body. in the mathematical circle. His IQ was estimated at 250-300 units, although these figures may be exaggerated because the test for IQ Sidis never passed. However, such an early start did not bring him fame – after receiving a bachelor’s degree at age 16 and working as a teacher for some time, he withdrew from public life. Working as a simple accountant and in other positions that do not require special skills, Sidis devoted himself to collecting and studying transport systems and sometimes published works in various fields of knowledge: anthropology, philology, cosmology, and Indian history.

-Steven Hawking – is one of the most prominent theoretical physicists and popularizers of science. In a story about himself, Hawking mentioned that he became a professor of mathematics without receiving any mathematical education in high school. When Hawking began teaching mathematics at Oxford, he read the textbook, two weeks ahead of his own students.

-One of the most prominent polyglots in the history of mankind lived in the 18-19 centuries, Italian Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti spoke fluently in 39 languages, almost as much could understand, although he never left the borders of Italy. He once learned a new language in one night only to receive a confession in the morning from a foreign criminal sentenced to death.

-One of the most concise letters of recommendation from the university received a mathematician John Nash, a prototype of the hero of the movie “Mind Games”. The teacher wrote one line in it: “This man is a genius!”.

-The protagonist of the movie “Rain Man” had a prototype – an American named Kim Peake. This person had a phenomenal memory, memorizing up to 98% of the information read. He did not suffer from autism but had a disproportionately large head, and in his brain, there was no corpus callosum and the cerebellum was damaged. Kim developed a special reading technique: with the right eye, he read the right page, and at the same time with the left eye – the left page. It took him 8-10 seconds to read a standard book cover.

-Isaac Newton was interested in many aspects of physics and other sciences and was not afraid to conduct some experiments on himself. He tested his assumption that we see the world through the pressure of light on the retina by cutting a thin curved probe out of ivory, running it into his eye, and pressing it against the back of his eyeball. The resulting flashes of color and circles confirmed his hypothesis.
• When Pablo Picasso was born, the midwife considered him stillborn. The child was rescued by his uncle, who smoked cigars, and when he saw the baby lying on the table, he let smoke into his face, after which Pablo roared. Thus, we can say that smoking saved Picasso’s life.

-Einstein loved to play the violin, and once took part in a charity concert in Germany. Enthusiastic about his performance, a local journalist learned the name of the “artist” and the next day published an article in the newspaper about the performance of the great musician, incomparable virtuoso violinist, Albert Einstein. He kept this note to himself and proudly showed it to his acquaintances, saying that he was in fact a famous violinist, not a scientist.

-Thomas Edison studied at the secondary school for only 3 months. He showed absolutely no success, and the teacher even called him stupid. After that, Edison’s mother decided to teach Thomas at home.

-Inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel called himself a pacifist and believed that if opponents have weapons that can instantly destroy each other, they will realize that they will gain nothing from the war, and end the conflict. In 1888, a report of Nobel’s death and an obituary were mistakenly published, calling him a “blood millionaire” and an “explosive death dealer.” Not wanting to remain in the memory of mankind as a villain, Nobel bequeathed his fortune to establish a scientific prize.

-Ernest Rutherford was engaged mainly in research in the field of physics and once stated that “all sciences can be divided into two groups – physics and stamp collecting.” However, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, which came as a surprise to both him and other scientists. He later remarked that of all the transformations he had observed, “the most unexpected was his own transformation from a physicist to the chemist “.

-The famous photo of Einstein with a protruding tongue was taken in 1951 after their birthday celebration of the physicist. Tired, Einstein, in response to another request to pose, stuck out his tongue, but the photographer managed to take a picture. The scientist liked the photo very much, and he presented one copy to the host of popular science programs Howard Smith, and on the back of the card he wrote: “You will like this gesture because it is intended for all mankind.”

-Thomas Edison tried to develop a helicopter that was to work on the powder. A series of explosions that destroyed part of Edison’s factory forced him to stop experimenting.

-Among Leonardo’s many inventions were also drawings of a robot that was programmed to mimic human movements (get up and sit down, move your arms and neck) and had an anatomically correct jaw structure. It is unknown whether the development was carried out.

-American mathematician George Danzig, as a graduate student at the university, was once late for class and took the equations written on the board for homework. It seemed more difficult than usual, but a few days later he was able to do it. It turned out that he solved two “unresolved” problems in statistics, over which many scientists fought.

-Salvador Dali often went to sleep with a key in his hand. Sitting on a chair, he fell asleep with a heavy key between his fingers. Gradually the grip weakened, and the key fell and hit the plate lying on the floor. The dormant thoughts could be new ideas or solutions to complex problems.

-The last words were spoken by Einstein before his death remained unknown – the nurse did not understand German.

-At the time of writing his famous Ninth Symphony, Beethoven was completely deaf.

-Mendeleev, based on the fact that the number of horses should grow at the same rate, considered the most difficult technical problem of the 20th century, the disposal of huge amounts of manure.

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began composing music at the age of 5.

-In the archives of the Nobel Committee preserved about 60 nominations of Einstein in connection with the formulation of the theory of relativity, but the prize was awarded only for explaining the photoelectric effect.

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