Interesting facts about men

Interesting facts about men

-Research shows that men fall in love after the 3rd date, and women – only after the 14th.

-Alcohol lowers testosterone levels in men but raises them in women.

-The charm of the stronger sex is less developed, which is why men choose their future wives by appearance.

-Even loving and appreciating a woman, a man may not say “I love you” for years. Just not even understanding why you need to talk about it so often.

-Men are very forgetful (that’s why there are so many repetitions in football broadcasts) in contrast to women who remember what should be forgotten.

-Almost all members of the stronger sex hate to shop. They are more willing to do physical work, but just do not go for hours shopping and markets.

-If a man promises to call you, and does not call, it does not mean that he is now with another, but he just forgot to call you, playing cards or drinking beer with friends. And that doesn’t mean that cards or friends are more expensive than you, well, they’re just men.

-Men prefer to spend time in the company, drinking a glass of beer or solving some business, because they have a well-developed herd feeling. Women are by nature more individual individuals and gather only when they want to discuss some interesting news.

-Very common is a line from a famous Soviet song, which said that 10 girls have 9 boys. In fact, such a statement does not apply to the age group of 20-30 years. There is a ratio of free women to free men 10 to 12.

-Men like to take phone numbers from women who are interested in them, but at the same time do not like to give their own. Hence the common phrase “I’ll call you.”

-Man’s vision actively responds to moving objects. Therefore, the chance that he will pay attention to the girl sitting at the bar is very low.

-Almost 30% of guys keep the phone numbers of their “former” – suddenly, it will come in handy.

-Almost 25% of men will lie to their loved ones so as not to hurt them.

-Dancers, models, stewardesses – the sexiest, according to men, women’s professions.

-External attractiveness means much more for men than sexual body shapes and figures.

-A man without realizing it himself tries to attract the attention of women, holding his thumbs on his own belt or the front edge of jeans.

-Working environment, university, school, cafes, clubs, friends of friends – according to men, these are the best places to start a relationship.

-Men who watch their bodies are fickle in relationships.

-Almost 60% of men change their underwear in their bed before the first date – just in case.

-When meeting a new man, if he feels something after your meeting, then, as a rule, within the next 3 days he will definitely call.

-The vast majority of men would rather call than text or send an e-mail.

-Most boys under 27 live in their parents’ houses.

-40% of men with a cold are related to the fact that a woman is the initiator of dating

-Paradox, but a fact: men like it when women disagree with them and defend their own point of view!

-The unpredictability of the boy’s actions directly depends on his age, because the final formation of areas of the brain that are directly responsible for impulsivity, occurs closer to 25 years.

-If on the first date the girl feels confident and calm, 75% of guys would like to see her again.

-Tattoos, piercings, bright clothes, and other elements of self-expression are more common for unmarried men.

-The body of active fans during the viewing of a sporting event produces much more adrenaline than usual.

-Absolutely any activity that requires a man of increased concentration and effort, at the same time makes him not pay attention to anything around him. Even for girls.

-Naked girl is less exciting for men than half-naked

-Most men are “for” the first telephone conversation with a girl, the duration of which does not exceed 10 minutes.

-If a man has a huge number of candles in the house, it is obvious that he is a romantic.

-A man invites a lady of the heart to drink something – this is a clear sign that he hopes for an interesting continuation of the evening.

-Most men pay for a lady in a restaurant, but few do it sincerely.

-Men like it when on the first date women do not make a “mega load” on their wallet.

-If men feel that ladies will appreciate their generosity, they will definitely show it.

-Men like to talk about their former passions and their own financial freedom.

-75% of inveterate bachelors admit that they would like to find their second half.

-Diluted men are more likely to remarry than ex-wives. The fact is that they find it difficult to tolerate loneliness.

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