Interesting facts about people

Interesting facts about people

Who better to park the car – women or men, in which country do the tallest people live, how much time we spend on kisses in a lifetime, and what is Demodex. About this and other things in a selection of interesting facts.

Interesting facts about people

-Residents of Hawaii are not ashamed to “confess” to men that they crave their attention. They show this with the help of flowers, which they put behind their right ear. The stronger the desire, the more colors.

-44% of people love to watch their partner’s emotions for kisses. But others prefer to kiss with their eyes tightly closed.

-Adults laugh an average of about 15 times a day, while children – about 400 times.

-Each of us takes an average of 7 minutes to fall asleep soundly.

-The first love ends with the wedding of only 2 people out of 5.

-People spend a lifetime kissing an average of half a month or 20,160 minutes.

-After visiting the public toilet, wash your hands only 75% of the stronger sex and 90% of the weaker sex.

-Women, not men, know best how to park a car.

-Kissing, 65% of people prefer to tilt their head to the right.

-A woman in 5 years uses so much lipstick that if this number is presented in the form of a tube, it would be equal to her height.

-The tallest people (if you take the average) are residents of the Netherlands. And the shortest people are the people of Japan.

-In the lashes of many of us live Demodex – micro mites that have an oral cavity and even claws.

-During our lives, each of us produces so much saliva that it would be enough to fill 2 pools, each of medium size.

-Men in their lifetime shave the bristles 8.4 meters long, spending 3,350 hours on this lesson.

-At least once a month, 47% of people have nightmares.

-Almost every person in his life travels a distance equal to 5 terrestrial equators.

-Cry without tears mostly children 1-3 months.

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