Interesting facts about women

Interesting facts about women

-In the women’s bathroom, you can find more than 400 products of various kinds.

-Ask a woman to show you her hands – most often she will extend their palms down.

-The vast majority of women live longer than men.

-Women blink twice as often as men.

-In one of the states of the USA – Colorado it is legally forbidden to kiss a sleeping woman.

-At taking a bath, a woman – no matter long-haired, cut, or sick with typhus – be sure to wind on his head a homemade semblance of a turban from a towel, at least for one minute. The reasons for this oriental ritual are unknown.

-Women are much more emotional – they smile much more often than men, and cry four times more.

-The youngest, officially registered, mother was only 5 years old.

-Mrs. Lives in England, and can sleep for two weeks.

-Women blink twice as often as men.

-The average life expectancy of women in most countries is much longer than that of men.

-A woman will never really understand why footballers, lining up in the wall, make such a ridiculous slide with their palms. Therefore, she does not flinch when in the movie the hero gets hit in the groin with a shoe.

-A woman does not bite a cigarette with her teeth. She does not leave it in her mouth but always holds it in her hand.

-The average number of bags purchased by a woman during her lifetime averages 111.

-The real hair color of the famous blonde Marilyn Monroe – is red.

-The first programmer was the Englishwoman Ada Lovelace.

-20-second hugs are enough to inspire a woman to trust her husband.

-More than 20 million women are owners of breast implants, and another quarter of a million women have undergone surgical correction of breast shape without the use of artificial materials.

-When a woman tries to throw something, she takes her hand back, not to the side.

-At the call, a woman usually turns only her head.

-The belt on the robe, women usually tie above the navel.

-When a woman yawns, she covers her mouth with her palm, not with her fist like a man.

-Women do not like when their hands are free, so they carry anything with them: a handbag, gloves, or even a flower.

-When ascending or descending from the mountain, women try to move sideways.

-To see their heels, women often turn their backs. Men on the contrary.

-Women step on hot sand on tiptoe, and men more often on heels.

-When a woman sits, she squeezes her knees or keeps her legs parallel to each other.

-75% of women believe that washing with soap and water is harmful.

-When a woman carries a heavy object, she tries to turn it to the side. The man usually carries it in front of him.

-The size of a woman’s heart is 20% smaller than a man’s heart.

-Hearing and tactile sensations in women are better developed than in men.

-The female brain is almost 10% smaller than the male. Proven by science.

-Women love to talk. Use three times more words during the day than men. And all through the pleasure center, which is located in the brain.

-Women see better in the dark, they have better developed peripheral vision.

-Due to the fact that the bones of the pelvis are spaced wider, when walking, they shake their thighs.

-A woman listens more carefully and longer to the interlocutor than a man. The need for communication in women is one and a half times higher than in men.

-According to statistics, women are more successful in negotiations than men.

-According to a poll, out of 100 women, 24 would prefer to become men.

-During her life, a woman eats about 2 kg of lipstick.

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