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Jennifer Lopez declined to talk about her affair with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

51-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez joked about her affair with Hollywood star Ben Affleck.

Jay Lo no longer hides that she resumed her relationship with 48-year-old actor Ben Affleck 18 years after the breakup.

Ben has already seriously considered making a proposal to his beloved again, but Jennifer asks him to “slow down”.

At all public events, Lopez refuses to talk about Affleck and is afraid to say his name out loud.

Recently, during an evening show by actor Lina-Manuel Miranda, the singer was asked why she does not want to tell everyone about her happiness. In response, Jay Lo joked awkwardly.

“I always look happy when I come to this TV show. You make me happy. You have my phone number, you can call me, and then I’ll be happier, “Jennifer Lopez was quoted as saying by the Mirror.

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