Today, after a long break, I share with you a new, fairly simple recipe for lasagna with chicken fillet and bolognese sauce.

This recipe was born quickly and easily – at the moment when I found half a pack of lasagna sheets in the locker and thought it was time to use them. And, perhaps, lasagna is traditionally prepared with bechamel sauce and all that, but in my case, the recipes are created from what is in the kitchen, at hand, and in the head. So, let’s not breed grasses for a long time, let’s move on to cooking lasagna with a chicken fillet at home 😉.


half a pack of lasagna sheets – I had 18 of them
500 g minced chicken (fillet)
1 jar (about 400 g) of bolognese sauce (or any other delicious sauce)
Dutch cheese
olive or sunflower oil
broth (about half a liter)
salt, pepper, herbs
if desired – you can add mushrooms or other vegetables

If you do not have a ready-made sauce, you can make the filling according to the recipe for spaghetti bolognese.


To get such a fragrant, juicy, hot, fragrant delicacy…

We will start with the filling. First, fry the minced chicken in a pan with a little oil, salt, and pepper. At this stage, if desired, you can add onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers – anything that has an appetite and inspiration.

When the stuffing is more or less ready, add the sauce, broth, some spices if necessary. Leave it on low heat and start lasagna leaves.

Take dried and hard lasagna leaves and lightly boil them.

Why am I doing this? Because the leaves are not boiled, they will be solid in the finished dish, and I do not like it.

While playing such an “incredibly exciting game” as boiling lasagna leaves, by trial and error, I noticed that it is better to cook them in small quantities for a minute or two (depending on the thickness of the leaves) and spread, for example, on parchment or another surface. boiled leaves will not stick and must be prepared in advance. And you can’t put half-finished leaves on top of each other, because then you won’t tear them off – just take my word for it))).

Probably, if someone from the side saw me take out the semi-finished lasagna leaves, looking around where to put them, put… where it will come out, something separately, something – one on one… and then try to separate them… I think such a spectator was would be a lot of fun. Therefore, it is better to prepare for this process.

But back to the recipe. So, we boiled the leaves and they are ready for further use. We take a form for baking lasagna (of course, better ceramic or glass, but you can also ordinary). Then everything is simple: we alternate layers of leaves and fillings, from time to time adding Dutch cheese, which I add every other time because I don’t like too much cheese. You should estimate in advance how many layers of leaves you will have to more or less evenly distribute the filling.

The first layer:
We continue:
Well, in the end, mash all this joy with cheese and put it in a preheated oven to 180-200 degrees.

Bake until ready – to a delicious cheese crust 🙂. It seems to take 30 minutes.

Well, it’s delicious 🙂.
P.S. I want to finally start to please you again with new recipes, so I will be happy for any feedback – both in the comments and on social networks.

To new recipes! 🙂

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