Meditations have a positive effect on children’s sleep

Meditations have a positive effect on children's sleep

Research has shown that a specific type of meditation allows children to sleep an hour longer than those who do not. It has other benefits for children’s health.

Learning the meditation process will help children get more extra hours of sleep each night. These are the results of a study by scientists from Stanford University. This technique, if included in the primary education process, helps children gain greater emotional stability. But observations have also shown that children who practice meditation sleep an hour and a quarter more than those who do not meditate.

At the same time, if you just ask the children to go to bed an hour earlier, it doesn’t work. You need to teach them how to relax. The study involved low-income families. Observations have shown how relaxation and stress management lessons can be used to improve sleep quality in children who have a problem with it.

Children from Latin American families living in specific areas of San Francisco with a high crime rate were taught to meditate. They were not told how to sleep more but were instructed to conduct conscious meditation at school. After that, the activity of their brains was carefully studied. Children who participated in these practices received an additional 74 minutes of sleep compared to those who did not attend these classes.

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