Mistakes about money that keep people in poverty

Mistakes about money that keep people in poverty

Some people who complain about poverty remain poor because of common mistakes. In order to always have money, remember a few “forbidden tricks” and develop the right strategy.

“I love myself, so I allow myself everything”

People confuse the wrong distribution of money with self-love. The point is that accidentally or temporarily rich people try not to deny themselves anything. They believe that they deserve the most expensive gifts and comfortable life. At the same time, they forget that money tends to run out. That is, today’s costs may be the last for a long time. Therefore, self-love should be manifested in caring for your future, not in the pleasures of today.

“Wedding happens once in a lifetime”

No one disputes that a wedding is really a very important celebration in everyone’s life. However, we must remember that just one bright day should not be the only happy one for many years. And then in the memories. First, it is not a fact that it will go as it should and will not bring disappointments. Secondly, is it worth taking loans for a huge amount and starting a family life with long wanderings and debts? It is not better to make a wedding small, where the closest people are present, and to spend the saved money on something necessary or even necessary.

“This is a special case that I can’t miss”

This can only be claimed by people who cannot prioritize correctly. There may be many exceptional cases, but it all depends on how to look at them and how to describe them. For some it is the aforementioned wedding, for others, it is the fiftieth anniversary. It is safe to say that not only 50 years, but all other birthdays occur once a year and once in a lifetime (it can not be that 32 or 48 years are repeated twice). You should not spend the last money on what seems very important. To avoid this, try to make a list of those important things that you should spend (pre-objectively assess the size of your finances), and just ignore everything else, otherwise, the temptations will leave you without money.

“I earn easily, so I spend easily”

There is a trend: winning money is spent very quickly. Those people who accidentally won a large sum, not only did not become rich for many years but even “went into the red” (there are many such examples). You do not need to be so careless about money if your work is simple and highly paid. Remember that you were given a great gift in advance. And your future will depend on how you dispose of this gift. Not the fact that tomorrow your workplace will be preserved and will belong to you. Life is unpredictable, so do not rush to spend everything. You need to spend money properly to take care of your future, as well as help loved ones and those who need it very much.

“This is a sale”

You should not buy things that you do not need even at the best price. Don’t be tempted by what is cheap, as you will find at least additional problems. First, you will not be able to enjoy the thing because you are not happy about it. Second, it will just take up space in your home. Third, you may have a heightened sense of remorse (when the money runs out, the thing will remind you of the crazy expenses).

“Last month I saved up a lot, so I’ll spend it all”

If you decide to save or save money, remember that this process must belong. Otherwise, it will simply be useless. Be consistent and take care of money.

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