Networking: its importance and basic rules

Networking: its importance and basic rules

One of the most important skills of modern man is the ability to communicate. There is networking for building quality partnerships – the power of business relationships.

Just imagine: you come to an international conference, meet different people from all over the world, and then you come to visit each other and travel the country together. Implementing a cool project, you know who to turn to for support because just recently in a reserved car you met a public activist, who for any movement – just call.

Your friend is looking for a sales manager, and your old acquaintance is looking for a job – why not help them find each other? Today you will help them, and tomorrow you will be able to ask them for a service. Do you dream of such a life? It’s simple: networking works – you rest.

Nothing personal.

Nothing fundamentally special from the ability to establish quality contact with another person networking (from the English net – network, work – work) is no different.

Networking is the same art of communication, only its main goal is strong business (or friendly) relationships based on mutually beneficial cooperation. Networking offers to build long-term relationships of trust focused on mutual assistance.

We make contacts to use them for our own purposes in the future, and other people do the same with us. In this case, the main thing – courage and perseverance! I came to the forum – do not be afraid to meet, ask about your impressions of the event, and exchange contacts. Working on this scheme, I realize that my friends on Facebook have another photographer after every event, a few speakers, a dozen active students, and just interesting people.

Networking works.

In order to seek help and get it, you need at least the affection of a person or a good attitude towards you by a friend or acquaintance.

What is needed for this? Here are some techniques to help you connect and build your own networking network that really works.

1. I was interested in people.

At any event, under any circumstances, even if it is a situation where you are stuck in an elevator in your own home – just talk. Remember that any contact is important.

The most famous example of quality contact, which lasted only 30 seconds in the elevator of the office center, occurred in 1998 when Sergei Brin and Larry Page received $ 100,000 from an entrepreneur to develop their non-existent company, which was later named Google.

2. Listen carefully to the interlocutor.

Nothing is more trustworthy than the ability to listen to the interlocutor. Let him know that what he is talking about is important and interesting to you. To be convincing, nod slightly during the conversation. But don’t overdo it, because sometimes my interlocutors ask me why I say “yes” so often. Your attention will be perfectly demonstrated by short remarks, which you can supplement the conversation and questions to the interlocutor (this will show that “you’re still here and still listening”).

3. Observe and note the individual characteristics of each person.

During the conversation, you should pay attention to what “in which case” you can appeal and what “levers” to press. These can be hobbies, character traits, strengths, and weaknesses. The XXI century is a time when people are talked about on social networks, so do not be lazy to check them if you want to become a true networking professional and establish quality contact.

I often recognize people by their main photos on social media, although we have never seen each other before. At such moments, I always approach the person, praise him for a quality photo and tell him why I follow him online. This is how useful acquaintances usually begin.

4. Be creative. Stop saying clichés and modeling the behavior of others.

Unusual behavior should be used when meeting a well-known person who meets dozens of different people during the day. This is the case when you need to stand out to be remembered. Ask an interesting, unusual question instead of the phrase “Can I take a photo with you?”. This approach will surprise the interlocutor with your awareness of a topic close to him.

Once, after the concert, I approached the soloist just to tease them about her work. After that conversation, we met several times by chance on the street. Not only did she remember me, but she also didn’t forget my name.

5. Remind yourself of your existence.

Keep in touch via social media, meet in person if possible, but don’t be intrusive. Any methods will work but don’t mention a friend only when you need something from him/her.

Immediately after the meeting, real networking pros write a short letter in private messages expressing gratitude for a pleasant conversation and inadvertently, between the lines, mention the place and time of the meeting to remember in the future the circumstances under which you met.

Networking does not work.

You should not expect friendly help if:

1. You expect only unilateral help.

bilateral assistance. Get what you need and say out loud “Thank you all! Goodbye everyone! ” – This is not about networking. His key rule is reciprocity, on which an effective dating network is built. If you do not want to confuse all your friends – be ready to help in return.

2. You deceive and attribute false merits to yourself.

Sooner or later, the hidden facts will become known, and you will risk losing friends and reputation. You can make an impression in another way, so it is better not to resort to tricks, so as not to be “overboard”.

3. You ignore people.

Do not respond to messages on social networks and refuse personal meetings? Maybe it’s better to decide if you need to communicate with this person at all? If not, it is better to make it clear immediately.

4. You demand something at once.

Just got acquainted with a person and immediately ask her for something? It is ugly, unpleasant, and useless, as in the case when a person does not know the measure in their requests.

Networking is about investing your time in relationships with people. The power of business connections helps in different situations, allows you to meet people of different statuses and find partners for your own projects. Lost opportunities and contacts are unpleasant, so I didn’t miss my chance.

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