Nobody knows the rules about ham

Among the Italian gastronomic advantages, of course, is raw ham. How many times have we arranged this real holiday in aperitifs

The pride of Italian gastronomy, here’s what you need to know about raw ham.

Among the Italian gastronomic advantages, of course, is raw ham. How many times have we arranged this real holiday in aperitifs, perhaps with a sliced ​​dish, or in the middle of two slices of bread? Raw ham is lubricated with salt and subjected to a very long and lengthy process of curing and drying to get its unique taste, and there is a rule that probably not everyone knows.

According to, the drying process is so delicate that it takes at least 12 months in a controlled ambient temperature for the ham to achieve optimal taste. Although, despite this, the salami may not be ready. As with cheese and wine, the older they are, the better the taste.

Ham was a by-product of the pre-Roman era when Italian peasants had to “season” meat to have enough food to withstand long harsh winters. Refrigerators have not yet been invented, so this technique has spread like wildfire. To date, several regions throughout Italy have promoted their ham production technology, attracting tourists from around the world.

Also known as Prosciutto di Parma, ham is harder to find in the United States and more expensive because it is an imported high-quality product. One of the most common ways to enjoy ham is on a cutting board with other cured meats, fruits (grapes and melons), bread, nuts, olives, different types of cheese, crackers, and, of course, steamed wine. More experienced Parma ham goes best with pasta and pizza. Although it is very good, you should eat this food with caution. It is high in fat and sodium, which can seriously affect heart health and lead to high cholesterol.

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