Packing apps, for perfect bags every time

Packing apps, for perfect bags every time

Did you know that there are apps to pack? So you can take stock of your luggage and not forget anything at home.

If until now you have always used pen and paper or at most you have pushed yourself to create an Excel sheet, perhaps shared with your travel companions, why have you never thought about downloading an app to pack? Yes, there are also applications to make an inventory of the luggage that we have to prepare to leave for a short or long vacation. So you don’t forget anything at home and always pack perfect bags.

The advice is to download these applications to receive useful advice, but do not limit yourself to the last minute to prepare your bags. Always think about it at least a week before, so as to run for cover if something essential is missing. For last-minute trips, however, the advice is to always have a trolley with everything you need ready. Less is more when you leave suddenly. And maybe you don’t even know the destination that you can prepare in time: that’s why apps are useful!


The application can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. It starts with basic questions such as gender, duration and type of trip, and other basic information, to analyze what we might need on vacation, also based on the expected climate in the place of arrival. A smart list of useful things to have with you. Very practical for those who are always undecided about what to bring with them and never know what to pack. The list can also be shared with fellow travelers.


From the list of things necessary to be able to leave, as if by magic, those that you have already put aside ready to go into the suitcase or that you have already inserted in your trolley disappear. So there will remain only the things that maybe you still have to buy or on which you are undecided between different options. You can also put an alert to remember the things to put just before leaving the house.


An app is available for a fee on iOS devices with many features that may come in handy. Not only does it create perfect lists for every type of traveler and the place you are going to visit, but you can also add other holidaymakers, such as children, and select information that can be useful to us. Everything can be synchronized with iCloud or exported via email.


This application is perfect for packing your bags by entering categories and types of objects that may not already be present on the basic list set in the application. A practical and functional list to use every time you have to leave.


This application is only available on Android and like the previous one, it creates a user profile by selecting useful tips based on the journey you are about to undertake. At the end of this reasoning, it proposes a series of generic lists, ideal for last-minute departures and to organize your luggage well following the instructions given. As you put things in your suitcase you can flag them from the app, so you know what you have already put and what is missing.

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