People who cry often are actually mentally stronger

People who cry often are actually mentally stronger

Are you ashamed to cry because adults don’t? But did you know that tears not only help to get rid of negative emotions, but also remove toxins, kill 90-95% of bacteria within 5-10 minutes, and improve vision?

Tears have always been seen as a sign of weakness and self-pity. But people like to ignore the fact that tears are actually a natural state of expression of emotions. Just as it is natural to have fun when something good and pleasant happens in life, so it is natural to cry when you have to overcome difficulties. There is nothing wrong with often letting go of tears, and this is by no means a sign of weakness and instability. In fact, it indicates that you are a mentally stronger person.

Here are some characteristics of such individuals:

1. They are not afraid to show their emotions
If something good happens in your life, such as winning the lottery, won’t you be happy and laugh? Now imagine that you broke up with a loved one. You have the right to cry because of it. People who cry understand that in this way they are only expressing their emotions, which are no worse than those that reflect joy and happiness. Such people have the courage not to hide their true selves, going beyond the established framework of society. After all, most of us are afraid to show real emotions because of the opinion of others.

2. They understand that tears help to purify the soul
Although tears are considered a sign of weakness, they have the ability to purify the soul. People who cry are actually stronger than others because they can release their stress through tears. This makes them feel much better. The more you suppress your sadness and grief, the greater the burden will envelop you. Tears free the mind of negative emotions.

3. They know that tears help to feel better
You can call it a paradox or an irony of life, but crying makes a person really feel much better. Many studies on this topic have shown that people who cry often claim that it is the expression of emotions that helps them feel better and happier. How is this possible? It turns out the process of crying stimulates the brain to release hormones of happiness (endorphins), which in turn cause feelings of calm, joy, and relief.

And when a person cries, the level of manganese in his body decreases, which, if not excreted for a long time, can adversely affect the body and brain. Of course, no one says that once you cry, all your problems will be solved. But when people do, they realize that after tears, they will feel calmer and more balanced, and that will help them look at the problem from a different angle.

4. They do not care about their role in society
Many people do not cry because of the stigma that society has put on this process. Men can be teased for this, and women are seen as demanding too much attention from others. But in reality, not all women who cry are unstable individuals, and men do not become less courageous as a result. So those who cry are brave enough because they are able to go beyond the limits set by society.

5. They encourage others not to be afraid to show their feelings
People who are not afraid to cry encourage others to be honest with themselves and their feelings. But did you know that tears not only help to get rid of negative emotions, but also remove toxins, kill 90-95% of bacteria in 5-10 minutes, and improve vision? So the conclusion is that people who cry are not only stronger emotionally, but also healthier and smarter.

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