Phrases that signal that a man does not care about you

Phrases that signal that a man does not care about you

Your husband may be indifferent to you but hide it. There are a few masculine phrases that clearly indicate that he is no longer interested in you.

“I do not care”

This phrase is also found in those who love their wife. She speaks of indifference only if it sounds when a woman begins to tell her partner something about her life and problems. For example, “something happened to me at work today”, “my mother told me a story – I want to share it with you” and so on. If a man does not listen in such situations or says “I do not care”, “I’m not interested”, then he does not care about his wife.

A man in love always listens to the emotional story of his beloved. So he will show her that he respects her and he is involved in everything that interests her.

“I’m busy”

Neither “dear, I’m busy” nor “I’ll call you back – I’m busy now”, but simply “I’m busy”. Many women tend to justify such words of a man because he works, he really may not have time. The fact is that no matter how busy he is, it will never be difficult for him to be polite.

A man in love understands that his other half wants to talk, so he does not want to offend a loved one. He who loves will never say “I am busy.” He will definitely soften such a phrase. Be careful with such words.

“Untie”, “unhook”

The context is important here because sometimes we say this in a good mood with a bit of humor. If a man in all seriousness says such things to his wife, then it’s time to think about what is really worth falling behind.

“You still won’t succeed”

These are very bad words because they show that a man intentionally or not specifically underestimates your self-esteem. Again, a person in love will not say something like that. She will encourage, help, support. If the beloved woman has decided to start a new hobby, and the man responds to her, it signals that he does not love her.

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