Pineapple extract for weight loss

The beneficial properties of pineapple became known in the 90s of the twentieth century, and since then the noise around it has not stopped.

In addition to the general benefits for the body, the juicy tropical fruit boasts unique properties that help a person lose weight and stay in shape. So what is special about it, and why is it recommended to choose the main component of many diets?

The whole secret of bromelain – a unique enzyme contained in the fragrant flesh of the pineapple. It activates metabolic processes in the body and significantly accelerates the breakdown of fats and proteins. But that’s not all: in 100 grams of pineapple, despite its sweetness – only 48 kcal, which means that even after eating a large portion, you will not harm the figure. Of course, you can buy pineapple extract for weight loss in the form of drops or tablets, but it is still better if bromelain enters the body in its natural form.

There are many diets based on the pulp of the tropical fruit, but it is often recommended to use during unloading days. Such “light days” will not hurt even those who suffer from high stomach acidity. Throughout the day, eat only fresh pineapple, drinking it with green tea or pineapple juice. It is not recommended to eat canned fruit, as sugar producers do not regret it. One such unloading day will help to say goodbye to at least one extra kilogram.

If you want to use pineapple for weight loss for a longer period, try a special 3-day diet. Every day your diet should consist of 1.5 – 2 kg of pulp and one liter of juice, and to divide the delicious menu is 4-5 meals. The fibrous structure of the fruit gives a lasting feeling of satiety and so, unnoticed by yourself, you can get rid of 3-4 extra pounds. Green tea and coffee (without added sugar and cream) are allowed in unlimited quantities, as well as pure still water. Conditional contraindications for the use of such a diet are gastric ulcers and high acidity, people suffering from such diseases should pre-agree with their plans with their doctor.

The pineapple diet will saturate the body with vitamins and give a feeling of lightness on a full stomach. Make it a rule to eat a slice of pineapple in every meal – it will help digest what you eat and complement the feeling of satiety due to the fibrous structure. But do not forget to rinse your mouth after each meal, as the rich juice of sweet fruit is destructive to tooth enamel.

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