Plane and pregnancy. Can pregnant women fly?

Modern women now live very active and busy lives. Pregnancy is a natural process, so there is no need to give up flying if there is such a need.

How long can a pregnant woman fly?

Most airlines easily allow pregnant women to fly up to 36 weeks (8 months), provided that the pregnancy is easy and the expectant mother feels well. After this period, many airlines refuse to be responsible, so before you buy a ticket, make sure that you are allowed to fly in your position. The reasons for the airline’s refusal may be the fact of premature birth during a previous pregnancy or the risk of developing any pathology in the fetus.

Be sure to take into account the fact that if you fly to another country at 7 months of pregnancy, and return home will be at 8 or 9 months, the airline may also deny you a flight. Just in case, keep your doctor’s written permission to fly for this period. It should indicate the approximate date of birth, medical examination, and assurances that you have no contraindications to the flight, you are healthy, and will not give birth in the next 72 hours.

At what time is it better to fly pregnant?

The best period for flights is the second trimester (14-27 weeks of pregnancy), as during this time you can easily cope with the flight and after landing be active. Flying in the first trimester of an interesting state is not very desirable, as there are higher risks of threats and abnormalities in fetal development. The direct connection of the influence of flights on the plane on the development of fruit is not proven, but, probably, it is not necessary to risk, and fly on the plane during this period of carrying fruit without special need.

What are the risks?

The main fears about flying in a special situation are premature births, which can be triggered by pressure drops during the flight of the aircraft. For this reason, it is recommended to refrain from flying on small aircraft that do not have a cabin pressure monitoring system.

Simple tips to make the flight during pregnancy easy and fun:

Before the flight, be sure to visit your doctor to give you permission to fly. It will be great if he also gives you recommendations on which drugs are best to take during the flight if necessary.

If you are going to change to another plane, and you will have a long waiting time, make sure that if necessary in this place you will be able to provide qualified medical care if needed.

In order not to get nervous before the flight, calculate the time so that you can calmly, without haste check-in, hand in your luggage and then you can get on the plane in a good mood, but at the same time, do not arrive too early so as not to get tired of waiting. Due to the fact that ventilation in the aircraft is carried out artificially, onboard is always very low humidity and dry air. Don’t forget to replenish your water balance and drink as much fluid as possible.

Feel free to ask the flight attendant to bring you another glass of water or fresh juice. Pregnant women should not sit in one place for a long time without changing positions. In order to avoid the risk of varicose veins and thrombosis, try to get up from time to time to walk and warm up. This is especially important during long flights. You need to move as much as possible, ideally 10-15 minutes every hour. It’s best to sit by the aisle so you don’t have to disturb other passengers when you get out. If you are lucky, try to choose a place in the front row, if you fly economy class, there is a distance to the legs increased.

If it is not possible to walk so often, then from time to time rub and massage your knees, and turn your shoulders and head in different directions. If there is a free space next to you, take off your shoes for a while and put your feet on the next seat.

It is not desirable to sit in the tail of the plane, as all the air and odors flow here. In addition, the turbulence in the tail is much stronger. Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes so that nothing restricts movement and you can fly with maximum comfort. As soon as you get on the plane, immediately, if possible, use the toilet, because then, it can be busy for a long time, and you can not stand. So to speak, take preventive measures, even if you do not particularly want to.

Take with you a pillow that you can put under your neck and waist, ask the flight attendant for a plaid – so the body will not strain and you will avoid unpleasant sensations. Most importantly, try to relax during the flight and get only positive emotions after reading your favorite book or watching an interesting movie.

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