Poverty syndrome: what it is and how to recognize it

5 Signs of "poverty syndrome"

What do losers always do; What distinguishes them from the rich and successful?

Scientists have begun to study the behavior and mindset of losers, so tentatively called those whom money and success bypass. And found some patterns. Poverty begins with thoughts and statements – this is the main difference between the poor and the rich. “Poverty syndrome” – in the head.

What do losers always do?

To become poor, you need to:

Complain. Poor people constantly complain without noticing it. Not just for poverty, for everything. The whole conversation with such a person comes down to complaints. On the weather, on health, on relationships with loved ones, on a difficult childhood, on injustice … it is not surprising that communication is not very interesting. With their complaints, a person undermines his prestige and pushes away others who are unlikely to offer something useful and mutually beneficial…

Excuse oneself. Find an excuse for your laziness or inability to do something. It’s not like saying, “I can’t draw, well, I don’t have the talent!” That’s why you can’t draw. And you don’t do exercise, because you don’t have time, you work a lot, your parents haven’t taught you … although you can just say: “I’m lazy!”. The poor man is constantly justified. This is to shift responsibility from oneself to others.
To shift responsibility is to blame others. “I don’t have money because it was stolen by cunning people”, “I am not allowed to get what I deserve”, “my parents are to blame for everything”, “my boss is to blame for everything”, “no one helps me”, ” the bus is late ”… The poor man constantly blames someone and shifts responsibility.

Depreciate others’ efforts and work to succeed. Not to see the work done by another person – and got rich! To devalue someone else’s talent, abilities, hard work. The poor do not appreciate, do not notice what had to be done and have to do by those who have succeeded. She is jealous of the result but sees no work.

And to add: poor people immediately find the answer to the question: “why is wealth so bad?”. Because all villains and tricksters are rich. Because money spoils a person; because wealth is easy to lose; because money is a risk and a responsibility; because everyone will be jealous. A lot of answers will find a poor person. And the rich got lost in this question and asked: “what’s wrong with wealth? Being rich is good! ”…

Of course, “poor” and “rich” are very conditional. Rather, we are talking about successful and unsuccessful people. About those who achieve what they want, and about those who do not … but there is a grain of truth in research, of course. If you want to succeed, you must first get rid of the syndrome with an unflattering name. A little self-control and self-belief work wonders. And help to get rich.

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