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Our brain is an amazing and very complex system, the secrets of which are not fully understood.

He controls much more than we can imagine. Research in the field of the human psyche continues to amaze.

Scientists are convinced that people still do not fully understand what they are capable of. These facts are a complete confirmation of that.

The power of human thought
You can mentally force yourself to become more energetic
You are able to literally charge yourself with energy by thinking.

When laziness overwhelms you, or you feel that you are no longer able to continue, try to think about all the benefits that you will get if you go as planned.

Such thoughts can be a powerful motivation for your development and give you the energy you need to keep moving forward.

You can create the emotions you want to experience with the power of thought
Your thoughts create your emotions. The way you perceive and interpret what happens to you has a greater effect on your feelings.

If you focus on the negative side of the situation, your mood will reflect it.

It is very important how you interpret what is happening in your life. The value you attach to events and trials shapes your thoughts and your mood.

Your thoughts affect the immune system
The power of thought is much greater than you can imagine.

Thoughts affect your immune system to some degree. When you are sick, you can alleviate your symptoms by maintaining a positive mood.

Researchers have studied the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with depression. People who had high prefrontal cortex activity when asked to think about the depressing moments of their lives had lower levels of antibodies after the flu shot. On the contrary, for those who thought about the happy moments of their lives, the number of antibodies was significantly higher.

Remember that our brain is connected to all the organs of our body, and learns to adjust properly.

You can produce heat through meditation
A clear example of this phenomenon is Tibetan monks, able to tolerate very low temperatures and dry wet clothes in the cold.

The practice known as “Thummim” allows monks to enter a state of deep meditation and raise their body temperature by more than 8 degrees Celsius.

They achieve this through a special “vase breathing” and visualization – focusing on the image of fire that travels down the spine to prevent heat loss. Scientists consider this to be one of the most amazing examples of how our psyche affects the body.

You can pump up your muscles just by thinking about it
Muscle building, as it turns out, is not just a mechanical process. Moreover, scientists have found that you can pump up the muscles without moving a finger.

In the study, all participants were divided into three groups. The first group followed their usual daily routine. The second group did strength exercises for one specific muscle group three times a week for two weeks. The third group listened to an audio recording that helped them imagine how they performed the same exercises as the second group.

As a result, there were no changes in the first group. Participants who practiced 3 times a week showed a 28 percent increase in strength.

But what was the general surprise when the third group, which listened to the audio recordings, gained 24 percent? This is because different thoughts and mental states produce hormones that can speed up or slow down muscle growth.

Truly, the human brain has amazing power and we still have a lot to discover.