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Products that are not suitable for freezing

Продукти, які не можна заморожувати

Freezing is a great way to store food for a long time. However, not all products can be frozen. After thawing, they will lose color, taste, and structure. In the worst case, they will become completely tasteless and useless mass.

Soft cheeses

Ricotta and cheese do not tolerate low temperatures. If they are then thawed, they will appear soft lumps with watery contents. The attractiveness of such a product will disappear completely. It is unlikely that it will please them with excellent taste.


Leftover uneaten yogurt does not need to be put in the freezer. After thawing, the product will lose its consistency and become useless. And although it will contain some beneficial bifidobacteria, the product will be completely unfit for consumption.

Fried dishes

They definitely can not be placed in the freezer. After thawing, a person can be poisoned by fried food. The fact is that pathogenic microorganisms will resume their activity in the dish. Together with the substances released during frying, they form a real poison bomb.

Jelly or jelly

Dishes that have been coated with gelatin should not be frozen or re-thawed. Otherwise, the gelatin will crystallize. Jelly or jelly will simply lose its taste and become completely unfit for consumption. Fruits or vegetables that contain large amounts of water.This radish, watermelon, and others. They do not tolerate frost. After thawing, you will get an unattractive mass, completely unfit for consumption.

Fermented milk products

Contrary to popular belief, sour cream should not be frozen. After thawing, it will turn into a tasteless mass. The same applies to kefir. Before warming up to room temperature, it will curl into lumps. It is forbidden to use it after that.

Canned food

Any canned food is not intended for freezing. They should be stored in a pantry or in any dark and cool place. If for any reason the contents of the can should be frozen, the product should be transferred to a more suitable container. Having even minimal culinary skills will allow you to cook delicious and healthy food. And to do this, you should never freeze unsuitable products