Proper skin care in the cold period

Proper skin care in the cold period

The skin is our largest organ, which does not always receive the necessary attention.

Human skin is the most sensitive to react to all possible changes in the environment. Therefore, the change of seasons is noticeable not only in the calendar but also in our own bodies. For your skin to be beautiful despite the variability and unpredictability of weather conditions, you need to take care of its condition by rejecting employment and even seasonal depression and laziness.

Facial skincare

Autumn usually corrects the negative effects of summer on the skin: scorching sun rays, not always a uniform tan is often noticeable. In autumn, choose a nourishing cream containing vitamins A and E to prevent peeling. Apply it half an hour before going outside to avoid peeling skin.

Body care

In autumn, it is quite easy to overcool the skin by wearing light clothing or dry it by wrapping it from head to toe.
In the cold season, replace the usual shower gel with a cream gel or gel containing oils. After a bath or shower, moisturize the skin with milk that you like. Protect your hands with warm gloves to avoid redness. If you can not avoid the unpleasant consequences, then use a soothing cream with vitamins. Following simple rules will allow your skin to stay silky and healthy.
Time spent on yourself is not considered wasted.

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