Psychologists have named four popular myths about happiness

Psychologists have named four popular myths about happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. It is because of the inability to be in this state that people seek help from psychotherapists.

A huge number of books have been written about what happiness is and how to become happy, but a universal way has not been found. But over the centuries of history around this state, there are many myths. Whose?

The immutability of happiness

Many people mistakenly believe that they cannot be happy because they are not prone to this condition. Others, on the contrary, believe that they inherited being in one or another level of joy from their parents. There is some truth in this: genetics affects how people feel. However, its impact is still not as great as it seems to many. If the parents are unhappy, it does not mean that the child will be depressed all his life. Everyone can feel happy: you just have to fight for this state. The main thing is not to believe in your own inability to be happy: thoughts are material. If you sit back and scold fate, life does not flirt with bright colors. Changes for the better depending on the person.

It’s all about external factors

This myth is directly related to a person’s desire to shift responsibility for their misfortunes to someone or something. People used to believe that their internal condition depends on external factors: work, place of residence, view from the window, the absence of the other half of the inability to buy an expensive thing. Of course, one should not underestimate the power of circumstances, but a truly happy person knows how to see the good in the little things: at sunset, in the rain, in a small insect on the first spring blade of grass. These details can be found everywhere, regardless of the city or place of work. These little things are also available to the poor. Of course, this does not apply to serious life situations. If a person is hungry or has lost loved ones, he or she cannot be happy for some time. But if nothing global has happened, domestic difficulties should not destroy the state of euphoria.

Everyone is responsible for their own happiness

There is some truth in this myth: everyone has the opportunity to be happy. However, it will not be possible to rely completely on oneself: Robinson Crusoe has already proved that it is impossible to live in harmony with oneself and the world without people. The meaning of life is largely in interaction with others. Happy people often want to share their happiness with others. Moreover, they often begin to want and give their loved ones the same fortune. If a person is focused not only on himself but also on others, and if he knows how to be grateful, then we can say that he knows what happiness is.

Eternal holiday

Happy people have the same palette of emotions as less joyful fellows. If they know how to enjoy life, it does not mean that there is always a smile on their faces. They also allow themselves to grow strong and sad. Moreover, they understand that it is impossible to hide feelings. And anger, rage, and tears sometimes need to go outside. A person who keeps all his emotions and feelings to himself cannot be happy. Her isolation means that she does not know how to go beyond what is allowed: she is afraid of criticism from society and she is not in harmony with the world. Tears have a therapeutic effect. Even if a person feels joy, sometimes he wants to be alone. According to statistics, about half of people after the explosion of happiness begin to cry. This speaks of the body’s desire for balance: all the time to feel the same feeling or taste the same emotion will not work.

Knowing these myths, a person will no longer make mistakes on the path to their happiness. She will understand that being in harmony with herself is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and she will not scold herself for tears, anger, and other negative emotions.

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