Reasons for your child’s unwillingness to read

Reasons for your child's unwillingness to read

The child may not want to read for various reasons. Some parents at the age of 4-5 try to teach the child to read and often face reluctance on her part to learn this skill.

We understand what the reasons for this are.

A child will be too small

At an early age, most children are not yet properly developed abstract thinking, which is responsible for the perception of letters and sounds as symbols of words reproduced by the child. And until the age of 3, children are not at all ready to analyze words and divide them into letters and sounds: they can only mechanically memorize the letters that their parents show them, often on the example of illustrations. In this case, memorization occurs involuntarily, and this process can not yet be called reading.

Problems with speech development

Children with speech disorders cannot pronounce certain sounds and, as a result, are unable to distinguish them when reading or writing. The child’s work with a speech therapist, who will adjust the pronunciation and develop an interest in letters and sounds, will help to cope with this problem.


Increased excitability and excessive activity make the baby restless, and this is an important condition for normal learning. If your child is in this category, try to “catch the moment” when he will be interested in reading, and give it some time.

Reluctance to work

This reason is due to the fact that the main amount of information about the world around modern children receives through ready-made visual images obtained from television and the Internet. And in the case of reading knowledge, you need to “get” yourself, and make an effort to compose words and sentences. Not every baby is capable of such a “feat”. In addition, many parents use various technical innovations to teach their children to read, and books are used less and less.

Lack of conditions

For the learning process to go smoothly, you need to create the right conditions at home. Put on the shelf books with bright covers that will interest your offspring, but take into account his age. Do not be lazy to regularly read books, newspapers, and magazines in front of your baby, because he copies your behavior. When he starts reading, ask him to share the information with you.

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