Relationships without problems: 6 ways to be happier in marriage

Relationships without problems: 6 ways to be happier in marriage

First, there was love, then marriage, then happiness for many years. However, this is not always the case: sometimes people live well for the first few years and then the family breaks up.

This is because not everyone thinks it is necessary to work on the relationship, and if something went wrong, they think they have chosen the wrong partner. Here are tips from psychologists on how to get closer to your loved one again (and become happier).

1. Stop constantly criticizing him
He can do something that will disappoint you and not apologize. And keep doing it, even knowing your attitude. Over time, this can get on your nerves so much that you have to constantly criticize him and write down all the mistakes. Probably he did the same, and when you first met, so you can already forgive!

2. Be kind to him
This is the only way to avoid losing feelings in endless quarrels. Try to treat him better – and your relationship will also improve.

3. Remember what you like about it
For what qualities did you love him? If, for example, you are impressed by his passion for adventure, support it. I like his warmth – hug and talk more often. And he will do the same for you.

4. Rejoice in yourself
Relationships do not mean being constantly in his company, everyone should have time for themselves. You are happier and happier – it’s great, which means that the relationship between you will be better.

5. Make a financial plan
Money issues create many problems in relationships. Do not try to hide expenses and income, but honestly discuss them with your partner and make a plan for large purchases for the coming year.

6. You always have a choice
Many remain in unhappy relationships for fear of divorce. In fact, there are two other options: work on the relationship or divorce. If the problems remain too serious and cannot be solved, you can choose between unhappiness and happiness.

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