Research: Swimming improves memory and cognitive abilities

Research: Swimming improves memory and cognitive abilities

Mana Hardin-Baylor, an associate professor of neurobiology at Sina Matthew University, has published the results of a study of the effects of swimming on a person’s cognitive abilities and memory.

The experiment was performed on rats because they are anatomically and genetically similar to humans. Rodents swam every day for at least an hour. The rats then found themselves in a water maze with six branches, one of which contained a hidden platform that needed to be found.

Seven days after the start of training, rodents gave better results and made fewer mistakes. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that swimming in rats has improved cognitive abilities and short-term memory. They point out that swimming can be more beneficial to the brain than other aerobic sports (running or cycling). Swimming creates new neural connections in the brain and helps to recover from stress.

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