Scarlett Johansson’s husband confirmed rumors of her pregnancy

Scarlett Johansson's husband confirmed rumors of her pregnancy

Colin Ghost, the husband of American actress Scarlett Johansson, has confirmed reports that his wife is expecting a child.

During one of his recent appearances, Jost, 39, mentioned Johansson’s pregnancy and expressed his excitement about becoming a parent. It should be emphasized that this comment may be interpreted as a joke, but it was not part of the speech’s agenda. It was previously rumored that the 36-year-old “Avengers” actor was expecting a child. However, the celebrity couple has yet to confirm this revelation.

Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for breach of contract over internet screenings of the film “Black Widow” in July of this year. Her contract said that she would be paid based on box office receipts and did not include the film’s online streaming debut. The firm stated that the agreements with Johansson had been properly honored and that the distribution of “Black Widow” on Disney + with a premium membership “substantially boosted her opportunity to earn additional money,” in addition to the $ 20 million she had previously received for the film.

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