Scientists have discovered how much money you need to be happy

Scientists have discovered how much money you need to be happy

You have moved up the career ladder a few steps higher: when the payday approaches, the mood rises, and it seems that happiness in life has become a little more?

Maybe you bought an expensive car, celebrated success with friends in a chic restaurant, bought expensive technical novelties, and remember with a smile the hungry times when you took food with you to save on business lunches.

But what happens next? After a while, a significant salary does not seem so big, and you do not feel happier. Again, I want more money, another car and so on. It turns out a vicious circle in the race for financial well-being.

Is it possible to buy happiness or is it priceless, as we are told in one advertisement? It turns out that you can buy happiness, and its price is relatively low. American scientists claim that 75 thousand dollars a year should be enough to enjoy life. In this case, we are talking about happiness in the broadest sense of the word: about satisfaction with the way your life is going, and not about the mood of the spirit, which can change from day to day and does not depend on wealth.

The stronger a person falls short of this mark, say economist Angus Deaton and psychologist Daniel Kahneman, the less happy he feels. But exceeding this threshold does not bring additional joy. It is estimated that $ 75,000 a year is the amount at which a person begins to “think that money is not a problem, “explains Deaton.

“If you earn more than $ 75,000 a year and want to enjoy life, focus on health, relationships with friends and family,” writes Edward Diner, Ph.D., professor of psychology. Also, in order to enjoy life and feel happy, even with a small salary, psychologists advise following the following rules.

Do not compare yourself with others
Happy people do not follow other people’s successes and failures, but compare themselves today with their former ones, trusting their sense of how their affairs are going. Another reason why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others is that there will always be someone “better” who will hit your self-esteem hard.

Focus on creating the kind of life you want. Take care of yourself and your family. Stop worrying about what other people are doing or saying. Do not gossip and stop referring to people in a negative light. Do not judge. Everyone has the right to live their own life.

There is no limit to perfection
Do not stop learning all your life. There is no goal you can’t achieve! There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome.

Stay positive
The more you say you don’t love your life, the more your life begins to coincide with your negative feelings and thoughts. Besides, do you like hunting with a thread? Find something positive in a situation. It is a must, sometimes it’s just hard to find.

Live not only for yourself
Are you annoyed when people tell capitalized truths like “it’s better to give than to receive? ” But it is worth acknowledging that these people are right. He who lives for himself, earns for himself, gradually limits his opportunities to himself. He who lives and works to give to others is gradually evolving. The secret of happiness is to give yourself to others.

Appreciate life
Be grateful for each new day that gives life. Squeeze the maximum out of each day. Don’t worry about the little things.

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