Scientists have found out at what age a person feels absolute happiness

Scientists have found out at what age a person feels absolute happiness

In Spain, researchers have conducted research on when people tend to consider themselves happiest.

In particular, according to experts, the level of happiness is not related to a person’s financial situation or the level of welfare of the country. According to Springer, the researchers studied the data from the Share life survey, which was conducted among Europeans over the age of 50, and built their own mathematical model.

According to Spanish researcher Begonia Alvarez, it turned out that people between the ages of 30 and 34 often called themselves happy. Also, young Europeans between the ages of 25 and 30 were not as happy as their older counterparts. And after 34 years, the number of those who called themselves happy people is greatly reduced.

The scientist added that happiness has a certain geographical indicator. In particular, he claims that Europeans living in southern countries feel unhappy after 40 years. But residents of northern countries lose the feeling of euphoria a little slower. Researchers point out that many respondents did not even mention childhood when talking about happiness, but associated it with events such as starting a family or having a child.

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