Scientists have identified the advantages and disadvantages of accelerated metabolism in the human body


Scientists have identified the advantages and disadvantages of accelerated metabolism in the human body

The functioning of the human body directly depends on the rate of conversion of calories into bioenergy.

However, for different reasons, some people have these processes at different speeds. Foreign experts told about the peculiarities of accelerated and slowed down metabolism.

According to Michael Rosenbaum, a professor, and researcher on weight and metabolism at Columbia University in New York: “People who have a low metabolism often face the problem of weight loss. In this case, any diet and exercise in sports halls will be inefficient. ” In the case of established low metabolism, people who are prone to gaining weight and want to have a normal weight most likely will have to follow a special lifestyle and diet throughout life.

With regard to people with normal metabolism, it should be understood that with age there may be a decrease in all body functions and metabolic processes. In this case, avoiding the accumulation of extra pounds will help maintain physical activity and a healthy diet.

The owners of the accelerated metabolism were the luckiest in matters of weight loss. However, according to British scientists from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Improvement in London, this category of people may face premature wear and tear of internal organs, which will further lead to premature aging and reduced life expectancy. The same data confirm the results of studies conducted by experts at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA) on animals. American scientists have found a close relationship between accelerated metabolism and the life expectancy of animals. Almost 85% of rats lived less than their relatives in the control group with a slower metabolism.

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