Scientists have named some amazing facts about the brain

Scientists have named some amazing facts about the brain

Everyone should know this. The brain is that part of the human body that has not been fully studied, and it is unlikely that humanity will be able to move in this direction in the coming years.

However, some amazing facts are already known to science. We will tell you about them in this article.

A person can change completely

When they say “man does not change” – this is not true. In fact, people just don’t want to do it, but our brains can help. As neuroplasticity increases, our brain can change our habits, rebuild consciousness, turn introverts into extroverts, and so on. The speed and degree of change depend on living conditions and the presence of desire.

Our emotions are banal chemistry

Feelings of love, fear, sadness, and fun – this is the whole effect of certain substances – hormones and neurotransmitters. We do not feel something only due to impulses in the brain. This is the effect of substances on our nervous system. This knowledge is useful for those who are now sad or just bad at heart. You can change this, not by taking substances, but by changing your lifestyle or current occupation.

Our brain deceives us

This is true of memory. Scientists have found that our memory changes, so bad can seem more positive, and positive – worse. Memories change without any color – just replaced by something else.

The more tired you are, the more creative you think

This is how our brain works. This is not just conjecture, but a scientifically proven fact. When a person gets tired and becomes bored to work or studying, the brain begins to think more creatively. At such moments, experts advise developing new ideas. Write down ideas that come to your mind before bed or in moments of extreme fatigue.

The brain quickly gets used to the good

If you eat for a week in an expensive restaurant, it will be difficult for you to switch back to the usual homemade food. If you get a high-paying job, a low-paying one will never interest you again. This applies to all areas of life. That is why psychologists and scientists advise doing periods of asceticism – without the Internet, without delicious food, without entertainment. This will restore your pleasure receptors in the brain, which work with serotonin and dopamine – the hormones of happiness and pleasure.

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