Scientists have proven that the absence of fish in a person’s diet is more harmful to his health than smoking

Scientists have proven that the absence of fish in a person's diet is more harmful to his health than smoking

If a person does not eat fatty fish every day, his life expectancy may be reduced more than if he smoked. Researchers from Canada came to such an unexpected conclusion.

Lack of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet reduces life expectancy more than smoking, according to research. Its authors found that if a bad habit associated with tobacco reduces life expectancy by an average of 4 years, the lack of sufficient fatty acids in the diet, found in fish such as trout or herring, reduces it for 5 years.

Fatty acids are known for their beneficial effects on the heart, they also reduce the number of blood clots. If the level of these fatty acids in the human body is 8% higher, it is considered good, medium – from 4% to 8%, and low – less than 4%. The study authors note that in Japan, where the average level of omega-3 fatty acids in the population is much higher than 8%, life expectancy is 5 years longer than even in the United States. And there the level of Omega-3 acids in the average person is below 5%.

That is why if we actively include in our diet fatty fish and other foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, it can prolong life. Recall that fatty acids are abundant not only in fatty fish but also, for example, in avocados, as well as in such popular snacks as pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

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