Signs of a wise woman in a relationship with a man

Signs of a wise woman in a relationship with a man

Look around. Who surrounds you? Wise women are a huge rarity.

As a rule, women are mostly inadequate everywhere, and everything is always bad, and their husband is bad and their children are stupid, and her friend has long since gone to live in the States, and she still lives here. And the question immediately comes to mind: “What have you done for your life?” To make it better? Well, except for whining?

These women are usually cunning, being at home they can shout at children, but as soon as they get into another environment they become white and fluffy. Or another example: at home, they are caring mothers and wives, but as soon as they go outside, they turn into a fury, everywhere they have all the bad and stupid children.

Is it possible to draw a parallel between a woman’s wisdom and such behavior? What is the main sign that a woman is wise? Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Even if a woman doesn’t like someone, she should never show it.

Well, if you really want to express your opinion about other people, the woman does it correctly and tactfully. After all, wisdom is to look for something bright in everyone. Unfortunately, women today are not like that, they think that if you shout at someone, a man will think and change. But this is not the case.

Wise women do not know what hysteria is. They do not offend people, do not try to dream, but live in the present, enjoying every day. What do we like most about men? Their strength and confidence. And men want to see the wisdom in women.

What does a woman do when it comes to arguing with her husband? She does not try to prove her rightness with foam in her mouth. She knows that you can win a battle by losing one battle. And rightly so. But unfortunately, today women are different, they try to shut up their husbands always and often proud, and brag about it.

Wise women are ready to wait and believe and change their husbands, unlike those who want everything at once. And it happens that a woman demands, but gives nothing in return. Is this correct? A wise woman can love and trust. Other women like to control, are hysterical, climb everywhere with their advice. But this is not the power that brings happiness.

Every woman wants to be wise, but not everyone is ready to work on themselves.

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