Signs that the woman was not destined to marry

There are characteristics that indicate in advance the failures in personal life.

Psychologists who are engaged in research in the field of family relationships identified five main signs that indicate problems in the personal lives of women. According to experts, the owners of these “nuances” risk never getting married.

A good position and a high salary can scare away a potential groom from a successful woman. Career women are usually quite tough, self-confident, and overly active. It is these moments that make men pay attention to other candidates.

Particularly satisfied women tend to say that in bed they can work wonders and can drive any suitor crazy. Practice shows that it is talk of the great experience that has a sobering effect on many men, like a cold shower. According to psychologists, some brides are beginning to doubt their bedding skills.

Women, who spend a lot of free time on their appearance, immediately cause fear in men. When a potential chosen one does not come from cosmetologists, stylists, as well as pumps himself with Botox and silicone, men are afraid to touch such beauties. They cannot feel calm and natural in fear of breaking something in the form of a woman.

Women who are demanding of men rarely understand that criticism has a devastating effect on relationships. If a potential candidate considers himself perfect, then the gentleman must meet these criteria. In practice, such an attitude of a woman to her second half will quickly nullify all feelings, even if the man meets the set parameters.

When a potential bride attends various courses, enjoys climbing and hiking, dances salsa, and is rarely at home, this, according to psychologists, indicates her inability to build a family. Every man expects that his beloved woman will be near, and not on another night in tents or rafting with other people. We must not forget that family is not a quest.

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