Simple and interesting games to improve memory

Simple and interesting games to improve memory

We used to write about products that improve a child’s memory, but in addition to proper nutrition and brain vitamins, you need exercise. So we have prepared useful games for you to develop your child’s memory.

The first in our selection will be games that do not require any details. So you can play on the way to kindergarten, school or just for a walk.

Memorize the words one at a time

You say a few words to the child, and she should repeat them in the same order. For example, a pencil, the sun, a car. To begin with, think of 3-5 words, gradually complicating the task.


Before starting the game, explain the rules to the child. The child has to remember everything that will happen on the street: which way they went, who they met, what color the car was in the parking lot. It is important to pay attention to detail. And when you return from a walk, the child should “report” to dad about what he saw.


This game can be played by two, three, or the whole company. You say the word, the child repeats your word and adds his own. You name the words listed earlier and add a new word. The game continues until someone can repeat all the words. You will have to prepare for the next games, but you will not have to look long, because everything you need you will find exactly in your home.

Simple and interesting games to improve memory
Who got lost

Layout three toys in front of your baby and ask them to remember them. Then the child leaves the room, and you quickly hide one of the toys. When he returns, the baby must carefully determine who escaped and got lost.


For this game, you will need a few toys (toys from kinder-surprises, small cars, and other small toys). Ask your child to memorize the toys, and then hide the toys in the “house” (this can be a regular box). The child’s task is to remember all the toys that hid. You can swap roles, and now mom guesses who hid in the house.


Props for this game will be books with color pictures. We show the child a picture and ask them to remember everything that is depicted there. After the baby has looked and remembered everything, we remove the picture and ask them to tell them about everything he saw.


We ask the child to go to the “store” and name what they need to buy (for a start, no more than 4-5 items). For example, juice, apples, milk, sausages, yogurt. The kid runs to another room and tells his dad – “seller” everything he wants to buy from him. You can gradually increase your shopping list. With older children, you can play this game in a real store. Leaving the house, tell your child what you need to buy in the store. When you come to the store, let the child from memory help to choose the necessary products.


This game helps to develop motor memory. Turn on the music and play some simple movement under it. For example, squat, stand up and then clap your hands. Later, the number of movements can be increased and complicated. The child remembers the mother’s movements and reproduces them from memory.


For the game, we use improvised materials: buttons, coins, counting sticks. With the help of these objects, we lay out a simple image, for example, a house or the number 1. We offer the child to memorize the image and reproduce what he saw.


Draw a simple picture on a sheet of paper, such as the sun, a flower, a house. We show it to the child for a few seconds and then bury it. The child should reproduce the picture on his sheet. First, the drawings are created with a simple pencil, then you can complicate different colors, shapes, the number of objects depicted on a sheet of paper.


We take several paired cards (for a start it is better to take a small number). We show the child the images on them and turn them upside down. We offer your child to open the cards in pairs. If the images match, they are removed from the game. If the pictures turned out to be different, then turn them over again with the shirts up and put them back in place. Such cards can be made independently, and it is possible to get ready sets.


The purpose of this game is to teach a child to act according to a certain algorithm. For example, go to your desk, take a red felt-tip pen and take it to the kitchen. Or coming from the street to undress, put a hat on the shelf, hang a jacket on a hook, and put shoes on the shelf.

These memory development games require almost no training but are very interesting for children. So unobtrusively, during the game, you will easily train the memory of the baby that he will need in the future.

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